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mercoledì 29 ottobre 2014

Democracy has won over the Islamic party ..

"Tunisian Women in an event" .
By Slimane MeLab,
Democracy has won over the Islamic party "Ennahda" and swept democratically in front of thousands of Western eyes that have witnessed this incredible result that shocked the hope by many Islamists who chose to vote "Ennahdha" out of spite and scarring, many of them live in Europe and allow all the luxury that they offer the Europeans, enjoy the fun distractions like the locals and even get married, but when he lost all hope of persuading their ideas, demonstrate another one face, that of the radical, the Muslim, the practitioner, honest and above all, the true believer in God and there is no faithful before God if it is not Muslim? In short, it simply means a self-defense bizarre and strange ??? Most of those who are against westerners are their own, those who live there. They only ingratitude and disprezzo.I Tunisians Brescia were unable to vote, I think it's better that way, the real expected result from genes economy has arrived, otherwise how would Tunisia to survive without the vital source which is called "The Tourist" ???
Congratulations to the Democrats Tunisians who were able to take control of their country when the dark and make it lively and illuminating the eyes of the world. As for radical Islamists, they look the other way, he will eat and eat always from the west as before. "Do not spit in the pot where you eat !!!"
Long live democracy, freedom and above all tolerance.

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