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sabato 25 ottobre 2014

He was carrying drugs from Morocco to Algeria, Tunisia and Libya, dismantled a group of drug traffickers

According to "Algeria"
The National Gendarmerie managed to get hold of some members of a drug trafficking network led by a Moroccan drug baron on the run and actively sought, which introduced the drug from his country to the Tlemcen region.
The group, made ​​up of Algeria (eleven in total) that were waiting for the drug wilaya of El Oued, near the border with Tunisia. The goods are then transported to Tunisia and Libya.

E 'acting on information that police investigators were able to establish rat traps for catching these suppliers death. Large quantities of hashish were seized, as well as passenger cars, mobile phones.

Drugs (970 kg of hashish treated) was found in a refrigerated truck, whose driver was careful to hide a cache set up inside the roof. The vehicle used for SCOUT was able to escape the sight of the police dam.

The investigation led police to the home of one of the criminals to Maghnia where they also seized a large quantity of hashish (20 tons and 18 kg) and a sum of 91,000 DA.

The investigation led to the identification of 11 drug traffickers and the seizure of three tons of hashish Treaty six light vehicles, two motorcycles and thirteen mobile phones. Identified three other criminals are actively sought, including the Moroccan baron.
Il acheminait la drogue du Maroc vers l’Algérie, la Tunisie et la Libye, Démantèlement d’un groupe de narcotrafiquants

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