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lunedì 20 ottobre 2014

Border Security ANP affects the criminal networks

According to " L'expression"
These results are not due to chance, but the effects of the security forces on the basis of information, leveraging operational intelligence.
Determined to lead the fight against criminal gangs National People's Army should be commended for its commitment to constant, mainly because it is considered as a regional power with a wealth of experience and sought after by some world powers. Between 15 and 18 October, the armed forces and the national police have established a substantial impact on their activities at the frontiers whose operations led to the arrest of many criminals, the recovery of large amounts of fuel and food, the seizure of weapons and the capture of several individuals in the country illegally. After the arrest of two armed In Amenas during a reconnaissance patrol by a detachment of the army forces criminals, the latter recorded in an operation in the area Calib operating area Illizi, arrest 15 people of Malian nationality who were in an off road vehicle. These transactions are part of border security, said a statement from the PNA helped "another detachment under the operational area of El Oued intercepted, Wednesday, October 15, 2014 at 2:30 am, a truck loaded with 8526 bottles for beverages . Moreover, a detachment of the allied forces under the operating segment Tébessa 5th military Region kidnapped last Thursday, seven vehicles and 16 883 liters of fuel. "in this same dynamic the" four criminals were arrested and three motorcycles have been seized as a result of a conduct reconnaissance patrol near the Algerian-Malian border by a detachment of the national People's Army forces under the operational area of the Tin Zaouatine 6th military region. "Aware of the same day is Friday, three individuals of Mali and Algeria arrested all-terrain vehicle, in which a quantity of food, detergents, a generator and other items were seized during the operation by the armed forces. In addition, the forces of the National Gendarmerie Guezzam operating, seized last Wednesday, a quantity of goods for smuggling.
A wilaya Bordj Mokhtar Badji, Tamanrasset, army forces seized last Thursday a truck load of 17.5 tons of food and 1,400 liters of fuel. In addition, "a detachment of the National People's Army forces under the operational area of the Guezzam of the 6th Military Region has arrested four people and seized two vehicles, a Sudanese national all-terrain". As part of the fight against illegal immigration, "the armed forces have arrested nine illegal immigrants near Djanet, two Algerians and seven Nigerian.
The operation took place during a patrol conducted by the Algerian-Nigerien border, "said a statement from the Department of National Defence, adding," at the end of this operation, an all-terrain vehicle and the volume (400 liters) of fuel were seized. "While the other two candidates against illegal immigration, a Nigerian and Guinean being arrested near the town of Magrane, wilaya of El Oued. During the same context, PNA intercepted 32 individuals Guezzam Tamanrasset and 23 of which they are nationals of Niger. A vehicle all-terrain and other items were seized. these results are not due to chance, but the effects of the security forces on the basis of information, leveraging the intelligence operative, as a strategy and tactics to prevent counter-offensive against networks criminals who venture on an area under the microscop
L'armée sur tous les fronts
The army on all fronts

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