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giovedì 30 ottobre 2014

TERRORIST GROUPS had found refuge Great operation of the APN (Algerian army) to Tamellahth

According to "Soir d'Algé"
To deal with leaks of terrorists, the perpetrators of abject October 16 that cost the lives of three caderono policemen in an ambush in the city of Bordj Zemmoura north of Bord Bou Arreridj, and the mountains which are objects of a extensive search operation by combined elements of the ANP and the gendarmerie, a vast movement of troops ANP (Algerian army) were found in recent days on the east side of the province, especially in the vast forest Tamellahth, which extends to the border with the province of limitations Bord Bou Arreridj.
According to security sources reliable operation of this important research, which has already been punished by the destruction of bunkers, still continues.
And when the presence of the military is seen as a bulwark against any escape of terrorists in this part of the province of Bouira, there are reports also of the willingness of officials to clean this vast region ANP terrorist groups écumeraient for several years and he has had, also, a place of retreat.
It should be noted that immediately after the assassination of the French, the combined forces of the Algerian Authority, have been deployed around the forest Ath Ouabane in the wilaya of Tizi-Ouzou, instead of removing the French, but a few days later, as the place French hostage's execution was discovered, and articles of clothing and other subversive documents were discovered, the group would have escaped the noose was tightened around him, the elements ANP have made some sort of loop on both sides of the chain Djurdjuran range. In addition, when the elements of the ANP were still on the scene looking for these terrorists, information signaled the presence of the group's leader, the Emir of the now famous group Jund al Khilafah, affiliated to Daesh Area Bordj Menaiel. At the same time, the citizens of the region M'Chedallah saw two distinct groups, one composed of fifteen members, Semmache side, in the municipality of El Adjiba, and another group of seven elements in the region Iwakouren, an area in front of the forest Ouabane Ath .
The two groups who have fled since the region of Tizi-Ouzou, they would have moved to the area Tamellahth, where they have the freedom to move anywhere in the country, as the forest is dense and difficult to access and is on a large area of tens of square kilometers.
In addition, the reinforcements ANP in recent days in the area to support the view that the security services have suspicions about the loss of the terrorist group responsible for the murder of Herve Gourdel for this region.

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