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martedì 21 ottobre 2014

The life, death, women ... Algeria and Morocco in the mirror of UNDP figures

HuffPost Algeria | By Waleed Hamada
PNUDPublished: 7/27/2014 04:40 ET Updated: 08/03/2014 15:54 ET
Libya could be a quasi-civil war, continue with the weight of the oil revenues, to be the first country in North Africa, the Human Development released July 25 by the United Nations Program for Development (UNDP).
The Human Development Report in 2014 entitled "Supporting human progress: to reduce vulnerability and strengthen resilience" Class Libya in 55th place in the category 2 or human development "high" of 187 countries in the standings. Tunisia (90th) and Algeria (93 °), although in the same category, if rank far behind the "paradise" of Libya. The eastern part of Morocco in the category "medium" and the class if the 129th place in the overall picture.
Libya, Maghreb before
Table of classifying the Human Development Index (HDI) endurest four categories. The superior or "very high" with a score of 0800 and above, followed by the "high" (0700-0799), "medium" (0550-0699) and "low" (less than 0.550). The three parameters intact HDI Look longevity, education and income.
The had in Libya in 2013, HDI 0784 with a life expectancy at birth of 75.3 years, a mean duration of 7.5 years of schooling, a period of 16.1 years of schooling and expected gross national income (GNI ) per capita of $ 21.666. Index of Seoul here refers to the situation deteriorated in the country, Libya has dropped five places from the previous connection.
Tunisia leave "stable" in the 90 ° position with an HDI of 0.721 (0.719 in 2012), with a life expectancy of 75.9 years, a mean duration of 6.5 years of schooling, a period of planned enrollment of 14 PNB and a $ 10.440.
For Algeria, the HDI is 0.717 (0.715 in 2012), with a life expectancy of 71 years, a mean duration of 7.6 years of schooling, a period of planned enrollment of 14 and a GDP of $ 12,555 .
For Morocco, the HDI is 0.617 (0.614 in 2012), the life expectancy is 70.9 years, the average duration of schooling is 4.4 years, duration of planned enrollment of 14 and a GDP per 6905 inhabitants dollars.
Algeria-Morocco, similarities and differences
Others are paintings donated by the report. It may be noted that Algeria has progressed to five posts in five years against three places to Morocco. We can also see that the inequality of life expectancy rates in the area are neighbors, 16.7%, 16.88% for Algeria and Morocco.
In 2010, Algeria has recorded 97 deaths and 100,000 births to 10 per 1,000 births between the ages of 15 and 19 years and 100 deaths compared to 35.8 births in Morocco women.
For the representation of women in parliament, the far exceeded Morocco, Algeria with 25.8% against 11% for Morocco.
In Algeria between 2005 and 2012, 20.9% of women (25 and over) received a secondary education or higher among males compared to 27.3% in the same age group. The figures for Morocco are women, 20.1% versus 36.3 for men.
The activity rate of women and men aged more than 15 years and 15% for Algeria 43% and 71.9% and 57.4% for Morocco. The life expectancy of women in both countries of Eastern Europe 72 years and seven months with an average duration of 5.9 years of schooling 3.9 years for Algerian and Moroccan.
In Morocco, 35% five months of breast-fed infants are naturally Evo compared to 7% for Algeria. The rate of obesity in the population over 20 years east very close (17.5% for Algeria and Morocco to 17.3%).
Morocco has 6.2 doctors per 10,000 inhabitants compared with 12.1 in Algeria here dedicated to the health budget to GDP of 3.9% ($ 491.7 billion in). The _him_ Morocco allocates 6% of GDP on a 227.5 billion dollars.
Other prisoners in Morocco Algeria
For education and research and development, the budget is 4.3% of GDP in Algeria and 0.1% in research and development and a literacy rate of 72.6%. Morocco and devotes 5.4% 0.6% with a literacy rate of 67.1%.
Women report detailed data on unemployment, quality of work and the rate of suicide. The unemployment rate among young people aged between 15 and 24 years is 22.4% for young and 18.6% for the Moroccan-Algerian. The walls of the prison population stood at 162.1 million people in Algeria and 220 for Morocco.
The Algeria of an Internet penetration rate of 15.2%, compared to 55% in Morocco. The majority of Algerians tend not to trust their government (53%) and Moroccans (45%).
Globally, Norway, Australia and Switzerland are leading. No African country is calculated in the class "very high". In the Arab world the dominant trio comes from the Arabian Peninsula. The Qatar (31), Saudi Arabia (34th) and United Arab Emirates (40th).

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