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mercoledì 22 ottobre 2014

Five criminals killed near the Niger-Algeria border

According to "Algeria"
The elements of the People's National Army (ANP) were killed Thursday near the Algerian-Nigerien border, five criminals and wounded four others, all foreign nationalities, said Friday the Department of National Defence in a statement.
"During an ambush by the elements of the army forces, under the operational Guezzam / 6th Military Region area, Thursday at 20:00, in the area near the Algerian-Tiririne Nigerian borders, five criminals were killed and four others were injured, one of Libyan nationality, "said the source.

"The identification of criminals, put out of harm's way and the wounded, of all foreign nationalities, is underway and an investigation was opened," yet the ministry said.

During this operation, two 4X4 vehicles like used by these criminals, were destroyed, added the same source.
Cinq criminels abattus près des frontières algéro-nigériennes

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