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domenica 26 ottobre 2014

FIFA Ranking: 15 ° historic Algeria
This is historic, the national football team has entered the Top 15 rankings of the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA), for the first time in its history. In October FIFA rankings released today, the Greens have jumped five places and totaled 989 points.
This distinction can be explained in two games won against Malawi in return (0-2 and 3-1), the current 11:15, in the 3rd and 4th days of qualifying for the Africa Cup of Nations (CAN 2015).
Algeria is still in first place on the map of Africa, now out of ten people of Côte d'Ivoire, its closest rival in this register. The gap between the two nations was only two places in the ranking of September.
At the Arab level, Algeria is still in the lead ahead of Egypt, which gained 23 places in the world rankings and is pushed into the position of 38 °. His two previous wins against Botswana (0-2 and 2-0), and they did very well.
Germany still leads
The podium of the world rankings remain unchanged from last month. Germany continues to lead despite his difficult start in qualifying for UEFA EURO 2016.
Portugal (9th, 2) re-enters the top 10 who left in July, Belgium (4, 1) obtained at the expense of the Netherlands (5th, down 1), the best ranking its history, while Spain is in tenth position after losing two positions because of his defeat by Slovakia (24 plus 16). Switzerland (12th, down 2) has meanwhile had to leave his place in the Top 10 after missing his start in qualifying for EURO 2016.
Due to many qualifying matches played in Africa and in the CONCACAF region, the world ranking record many changes this month.
Nine teams have climbed more than 20 levels and 19 showed an increase of 10 to 19 lines. Apart from Belgium, Algeria (15th, + 5), Iceland (28 + 6) and Antigua and Barbuda (70 °, + 10) this month reached the highest position in their history.
A total of 141 meetings were taken into account for the ranking of October, exactly the same number as the previous month.
Qualifying matches played in the Confederations totaled 49 UEFA, 10 and 28 for the CAF CONCACAF. Fifty-four friendly matches have also been played last month. A total of 667 international matches '​​A' have been recorded so far in 2014.

The Algerian national team 2014.

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