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domenica 26 ottobre 2014

The "Salafis" Algerian Islamists, want to clean up the seaside city, bars and nightclubs ???

Slimane MeLab,
They want to clean the country from the distractions and entertainment in the bars and on beaches ??? This is a stone for tourism Algerian already struggles to ache just to be included among the most visited countries in the world because of these fanatics who have ruined and continue to do so without ceasing for a moment. People are frightened by these jihadists soulless and heartless they want at any price change throughout Algeria and turn it into an Islamic holy land. This is not called housekeeping but Islamic dictatorship, they want to establish their doctrine at all costs, almost by force ?? Without the consent of the citizens, the minority of those who follow them is attributed to fear. Muslims who claim to be moderate pretend nothing and let these jihadists to do their job of oppression on the people so that they surrender to their will.
The Algerian state remains stagnant and still, in this way makes it possible to use the usurpers of this when appropriate. The majority of these jihadists have already committed many crimes fully and definitely endless, however, contend only with the help of their supporters and finances them.
"Heirs" of the Prophet Muhammad only do damage when they started these campaigns indoctrinated to torture people forcing them to follow the law, that "divine" but man crazy, jealous, wicked, selfish and unscrupulous. A law invented for the purpose lucrative income that allows huge of money. Otherwise, who would move with no money ???
The state Algerian who had always mobilized against these dictatorial iniziativi should intervene immediately and neutralize this bad people that inspires only hatred and revolt.
God is love, is peace, it is wisdom, it is the culture, the family, the society, is the union is also the fraternity between the peoples of the world.

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