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giovedì 30 ottobre 2014

The restructuring of the tourism sector, five hotel groups to replace Gestour

According to "Algeria"
The restructuring of the tourism sector, in the public domain, it was claimed yesterday by union officials of the Federation of Tourism and Commerce, at a meeting held yesterday at the headquarters of Central Asia. Thus, the loss of GSP Gestour gave birth to five hotel groups.
Kick off the transformation of societies interests of the state (GSP) industry groups is active. This restructuring process started in the hospitality industry as the PSC Gestour is long gone and is replaced by five industry groups. The decision was confirmed a few days ago, after the approval of the government. The latter, it must be remembered, has decided to redirect public enterprises to other models of production and growth.
In fact, five hotel groups are expected to give new impetus to the tourism sector the public, with a capacity of 20,698 beds. The five groups, known respectively Safir Zianides, Cirta, and Aures Djazair are responsible or even to revitalize and give new life to 66 units of hotel and other facilities. Thus, the group of Safir, which includes three EGT (Business Tourism Management) surpassed in terms of sales or MDA 6120 with a workforce of 2,087 employees and a capacity of 3861 beds.
This is followed by the group of Cirta, with 17 units, but only with a turnover of 2,187 MDA for a host of 5157 beds and a staff capacity of 1,396 workers. Zianides, Aures and groups Djazair have a 15-9 units.
As a reminder, this restructuring of the public sector of the economy came a day after the latest cabinet reshuffle, which saw Abdesselem Bouchouareb arrived at the head of the department of industry and mines. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the new executive to go through a "redesign of the management of public enterprises, which are subject to performance contracts and the obligation to provide shareholders with respect." It provides, according to the promoters of this process, "a rejuvenation of management, through an assessment of the skills available among young professionals, to recruit for any positions of responsibility within the new industrial groups."
"It 'gives more power to the leaders of business in the public sector to focus on objectives and to avoid the constraints particularly related to bureaucracy or another block" had recently claimed the first head of the Department of Industry.
Restructuration du secteur du tourisme, Cinq groupes hôteliers remplacent Gestour

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