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lunedì 20 ottobre 2014

Inter, Moratti freezes Mazzarri: "Next to him, but watch for results.

Slimane Melab
Slimane MELAB
I? Sincerely Mr. Mazzarri disappoints me every day, he insists to play with a schema from great players like Real or Bayern Ancelotti Pep Guardiola, in fact, the 3-5-2, you need a very strong team in attack that travels with a suitcase full of goals, till now our Inter only manages to score a few goals with the weaker teams and no goals. Also I believe the players are not able to change the situation and given their results that are very worth it. Mr. Mazzarri took famous players on the cover that make the results with small and has sold those that cost little to society and how they could give more feedback. The various Icard, Dodo (just the name), Hernanes (the Prophet)? Bible ?? And do not talk about other purchases that I think would leave them to their seats. I hate to say it but I think Mazzarri is not suited to coach a great club like Inter. The former president has seen well, honestly, Mazzarri should resign. Speaking from football, he failed in the middle of his many experiences. "God's ways are infinite," but he never thought of changing the form of a star and play with the 4-3-3, or 5-3-2 ??? The President Thohir is manifesting generosity or an estimate for a coach who until now has not brought anything good ??? A cordial greeting to all the sporting of Italy and the world.
Erick Thohir, Walter Mazzarri e Massimo Moratti. Archivio
Erick Thohir, Walter Mazzarri and Massimo Moratti. archive

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