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giovedì 30 ottobre 2014

How is it still suffers from Mediterranean !!!!!

By Slimane MeLab,
Many years ago a Libyan was highly regarded throughout the world, where was he had a great respect and great personality, now everything has changed, has become the "boat people" in the Mediterranean, could become an asset, an example, an icon of the twenty-first century but not entirely so, Libya's transition from dictatorship to democracy for Gaddafi to Sarkozy, the one who ruined the country by dividing it into two groups, those that inspire real change in the development, modernization, the future of Libya, from 'on the other hand the group that has always supported the Rais without even understanding their motivations? Were based on fear and contempt of the head of Libyan Jamahiriya. The Libyan people, this is no longer the same, everything has changed in all aspects, there are too many births separatist parties who are in agreement.
As for Algeria, another country that could live in dignity and to play creatively without ever having to go to emigrate among strangers who treat you badly. Young people with no future and no support from the state that continues to advertise themselves through industrial projects established in the country and the few works of construction and trucking brought to terms. In short, by many riches, young Algerians suffer from lack of freedom and especially to places of amusement and distraction, lack of salt for young people, cultural centers, sports centers and especially the search for young graduates who do not have the ability to practice in the centers of technical workshops. There are major technical and computer cooperating in order to be carried home. Not having these sacred opportunity, young Algerians have nothing in their heads that the flight from the country, are discouraged by a system archaic and rudimentary. The state continues to turn a blind eye. France has been gone for 52 years, but emigration has increased much more than before, and why ??? There is much to reflect on this delicate topic of popular attention !!! And until this migration will continue ???
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