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lunedì 27 ottobre 2014

The first "whole house" made ​​in Algeria last product: Just a 'symbol'

According to "Algeria"
Curtain on the first car to be built in Algeria today in Tiaret. If this is not a Renault Symbol is still a symbol. G-1-2014 registered, this is actually the first 4 × 4 Mercedes G class produced locally by the Algerian Society of Manufacturing Vehicles - Mercedes Benz (MB-SAFAV) .The factory is located in Bouchekif, ten kilometers east of Tiaret was built on the remains of the project Fatia, another "symbol" of the 80 economic dynamics.
Managed by Epic under the Ministry of Defense in collaboration with the United Arab Emirates and Aabar SNVI, will eventually produce 2000 4 × 4 Mercedes G and 6000 Sprinter vans a year. The start of production was attended by the Deputy Minister of Defence, General Gaido Salah, the head of the 2nd Military Region, General said Bey and General Rachid Chouaki, Director of the DND and military production foreign partners. The plant, which covers an area of ​​more than 100 acres, will have seven production lines of all-terrain vehicles and five production lines of vehicles. It has a training center in the automotive industry and works closely with local CFPA to contribute to the recovery of employment in the region. 120 young Tiartis currently training to qualify for a job at the factory, 16 executives and extensive training highly skilled technicians have undergone in Germany to ensure the transfer of technology.
If you have not reported the rate of local integration, it seems that the plant will assemble the kit to start before moving to partial integration. Production start Tiaret following the first Mercedes Benz trucks that are currently being installed in Rouiba, a suburb of Algiers, and higher than that of the other projects of the Directorate of Military Works are factories of small arms Khenchela electronic equipment and those of Sidi Bel Abbes. The projects undertaken by the DFM in 2009, significant delays in their launch and caused a few questions at the heart of the defense. The choice of partners and equipment for the production did not leave the best impression to the domain experts. It remains to demonstrate the production of the field.
Le premier tout-terrain made in Algeria enfin produit : Tout un « Symbole »

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