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giovedì 23 ottobre 2014

And we have freedom of the press is threatened ???

According to "Reflection"
Algeria and elsewhere, the journalist is a dangerous profession. Fatal times. Under the blows bombs in Syria, Iraq, where the pressure of dictators or monarchs regimes such as Egypt and Morocco.
Heads of state terribly worried about the shock wave that Arab uprisings spread across the world who see no other way to survive than to repress anything that threatens them, they are close to liquidate everything that is in their way.
The ranking of countries that violate freedom of the press, varies each year from country to country. According to Reporters Without Borders, thirty heads of state spread terror among journalists.
Although in wars and conflicts around the world, journalists are often the hardest hit. In dictatorships, disturbing feather print usually end up behind bars to see Morocco and Egypt, with a dozen journalists are still camped out in prisons. As we have seen in Tunis and Cairo, before the fall of autocrats in place. This is seen in Damascus, Yemen, Bahrain, Tehran also the place where, since June 2009, more than two hundred journalists were arrested.
And here? Freedom of the press is threatened? The comparison with the previous example is rather reassuring. In Algeria, after the introduction of the new law by President Bouteflika information, threats and reduced prison sentences for journalists have been partially removed from the penal code.
The print here is doing well. Algeria is the only country in the world where freedom of the press is declared 'National Press Day' is, and October 22 of each year, we celebrate today, was declared by President Abdelaziz Bouteflika as the National Day of Press Freedom taking into account the role of this sector in promoting human rights, the defense of the fundamentals of the company and the contribution to global development. In fact, when we analyze the situation a bit 'in the country, we see that freedom of expression has progressed very significantly in recent years with the emergence of newspapers, radio and private television. This growth is undeniable.
By this year, the media environment has just added the organs essential to the freedom of the press, the watchdog of the media, the business card and the appointment of a young journalist and former head of the Department of Communication. It is a good, durable and rich in works that restore and strengthen the credibility of our noble profession, while restoring confidence and pride to the fourth power and professional writers.
Et chez nous, la liberté de la presse est-elle menacée !?

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