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giovedì 30 ottobre 2014

Hello from the "Evening" Their humanity, our drought ..

Maâmar by Farah
These days, I am at the heart of several cases which meet their common theme: harga. Reading the press and numerous articles on clandos intercepted by the navy, you say that the phenomenon is controlled. Nenni! They are more likely to succeed the crossing to Sardinia.
I could hear from a group of young people who do not finish filling praise the military, police and social workers that receive them. They have never seen so much gentleness and humanity. They say to their parents: yes, it's not like Algeria and they have done well to leave. The illegal immigrants are fed, housed and clothed. Minors are headed thereafter, to a large villa where an old lady, Mamma, incubates an incredible love! She is very caring with them. Bath at specific times, relaxing in front of the TV but "it speaks Italian" meals together in a beautiful dining room, games, outings and Italian courses.
Harraga but do not stay in Sardinia. They take the boat to Rome, Naples and Livorno, embark on the train from Ventimiglia and here in Marseille. Some who are already adults, may be issued a birth certificate in French stating that they are minors. it costs 7000 dinars to the PCA Annaba.
And the wave grows: departures, day and night, are at a frantic pace. Now used outboards. In one of these boats, an entire family has flown to Eden. The grandmother made ​​the trip. She is 65 years old and cried, the first furrows in the sea "! I'll make my future, there '
I have dozens of stories like that. We must tell them. Must testify in a country where the foreign guests who do not have the chance to be European, are thrown into the street!

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