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giovedì 5 novembre 2015

Algeria supplies only 2% of its maritime transport

djujcad-300x201.jpgThe Director of Shipping and Ports, Ministry of Transport, Mohamed Ibn Boushaki revealed Wednesday that Algeria supplies about 2% of transport, while she has a merchant fleet of 80 ships various tonnages. As a result, the sinking of the national flag for 98% of the maritime transport of goods, with a value of $ 4 billion, is in the hands of foreign flags.
Mohamed Ibn Boushaki, speaking on the airwaves of the national radio, stressed that the origin of the fall of the national maritime transport, a sector "sensitive and important" for the development of the economy, "divestment to our detriment," leaving faces "diktat of the three foreign companies."
And to try to regain lost ground, CNAN launched a program for the renewal of its old park
through the acquisition of six vessels waiting to receive a dozen by 2019, to allow, in a first phase, in order to ensure 25% of the transport of goods by sea.
He said this is part of a fleet of 27 boats that CNAN against expects to receive an investment of one billion dollars.
As for the proposal to create a large commercial port, located in el Hamdania region Cherchell (Tipaza), the same official said that this infrastructure will span 2,000 hectares and will have 3.3 km of quays. And she will treat about 40 million tons of cargo / year.

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