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martedì 3 novembre 2015

Algérie 1
Finance Minister Abderrahmane Benkhalfa announced Monday that the fuel will rise in 2016 and that, according to the Finance Bill. He assured that the upward revision of the fuel will be gradual, at first it will be only symbolic.
The minister, who was speaking on the airwaves of the national radio, said in this regard, that the price of diesel will be offered at 19 dinars per liter and super 25 per liter. He estimated that this increase will not exceed 22%. While electricity prices will not be affected by this revision
Benkhalfa did not fail to note that although the proposed increase would come to be validated in the framework of the law in 2016 finance, fuel prices are still very far from those of the neighboring countries and their increase insinuating could still be prosecuted.

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