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martedì 3 novembre 2015

Idir refuses to sing in Algeria without formalize Tamazight

Fotografia di Idir (ⵉⴷⵉⵔ)


The Kabyle singer Idir still refuses to sing in Algeria until the Tamazight language will not be formalized in the Constitution alongside Arabic. This rejection was confirmed on Sunday night in the wake of the local radio station in Tizi Ouzou during a live broadcast.
He told the program host Arezki Azouz and reporters on the set that the formalization of the Tamazight language is a principle to which the rest engaged since 1970 in which long ago the last shows in Algeria.
The Amazigh identity will be recognized, as Idir, in all its dimensions has declared once Tamazight as an official language.
The singer Idir did not fail to mention the neighboring country of Morocco, for example to meditate to include in its constitution to formalize the Tamazight language.
During the same show, broadcast on Radio Tizi Ouzou on the occasion of its fourth anniversary, the Kabyle singer has announced the release of a new album for April 20, 2016.
In his new product preparation, Idir has revealed that the French singer of Armenian origin Charles Aznavour will perform her hit "Bohemian" in Kabylia and with the participation in this new album different from other foreign singers including Irish Sinéad- Marie-Bernadette O'Connor and Frenchman Maxime Le Forestier, Patrick Bruel and Bernard Lavilliers.

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