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lunedì 2 novembre 2015

L'evasione fiscale: Washington mette pressione su Algeri

sga_bm10.jpgConstraints device by the US fight against tax evasion, "FATCA" to communicate their data to the tax authorities, the subsidiaries of foreign banks in Algeria meet opposition from national authorities.
F-A-T-C-A. These five letters that sow confusion in the Algerian banking sector and create diplomatic disorders between the United States and Algeria. These five letters are an acronym for the American legislation entered into force since 1 January 2013. A control device against tax evasion in the United States that foreign banks were submitted. These fraudsters continue the IRS track down and around the world.
Blocking Algiers
In this context, large international banks operating in the United States were brought to force their affiliates around the world to communicate their data to the US tax authorities. Except that in Algeria, subsidiaries of major foreign banks such as BNP Paribas, Societe Generale, or HSBC, and others, have great difficulty to join FACTA for the simple reason that the Algerian authorities, headed by the Algerian central bank, have not yet given their approval for the bank data of these institutions present in Algeria are transmitted to US authorities.
And blocking suffered by FACTA in Algeria starts to upset US diplomats seriously, do we learned from several sources. The US ambassador in Algiers, Joan A. Polaschik began to put pressure on the Algerian decision makers to unblock this situation. The American diplomat made it clear to the Algerian authorities that the United States saw a very dim view of this deadlock that could jeopardize many important issues of the Algerian-American cooperation. For their part, international banks in Algiers express their dissatisfaction with the attitude of the Bank of Algeria. The British banking group HSBC is preparing to leave the country because of this lack of transparency because the non-accession of its Algerian subsidiary FACTA device could cost him a severe fine in the United States, a vital and indispensable market. Several other foreign banks are beginning to doubt the reliability of the managers of the Bank of Algeria. The wanderings of the latter may further complicate the economic situation in Algeria in the grip of a severe financial crisis.
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