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giovedì 5 novembre 2015

The crash of a Russian cargo plane in southern Sudan resulted in several deaths

CS9D8u_WoAApPd6.jpgINTERNATIONAL - At least 25 people were killed Wednesday, November 4 in Juba in the crash of a cargo plane that crashed shortly after takeoff from the capital of south Sudan. An AFP reporter saw several bodies at the scene, unable to count them accurately at first. Children are among the victims.
Rescuers were trying to locate possible survivors and bodies came out of the carcass of the aircraft, which would be an Antonov An-12. The plane crashed on a small island on the White Nile, which runs about 800 meters from the end of the runway. Since the river bank, the AFP could see the tail of the aircraft, whole, ground, and comes from a forest area, which do not allow the trees to see the rest of the group.
Grass-covered ground was covered with debris. Local media, including the station's local mission of the UN Radio Miraya, spoke of a maximum of 40 killed, without giving a source. It was not immediately possible to know if the victims were all on board the aircraft or whether some were on the ground when the accident occurred in a sparsely populated area.
The airport manager, quoted by the media, said that "only three people survived the accident," without giving further budget. The device type and the number of people on board were not immediately known. According to Radio Miraya and Eye-Radio, a local station, the plane crashed shortly after taking off from Juba.
South Sudan is one of the least developed countries of the world. Ravaged by decades of war of secession against Khartoum, declared independence in July 2011. Plagued by political and ethnic antagonisms to the head of the regime, the youngest country in the world has fallen into a terrible civil war in December 2013.
According to Radio Miraya, the unit has been designed Paloch, and oil in the northern state of Upper Nile, one of the regions most affected by the fighting and atrocities that have asked several thousands of lives and displaced more than 2, 2 million people two years.
Juba Airport receives commercial flights, but also an important traffic of military aircraft and cargo distributing aid throughout the country, the size of the Iberian Peninsula and almost no paved roads.

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