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martedì 3 novembre 2015

The development of the economic approach in the creation of cultural projects, a goal of the ANSEJ

Le développement de l’approche économique dans la création de projets culturels, un objectif de l’ANSEJ
Develop the economic approach to young people in the creation of projects related to the field of culture between the objectives of the national support agency for youth employment (ANSEJ) said Monday its CEO Constantine Mourad Zemali.
Data sheets for "26 activities related to the cultural sector have been validated by the services of expertise under the agreement signed between the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security and ANSEJ said Mr. Zemali APS on the sidelines of the inauguration of a national exhibition of micro enterprise working in the field of culture.

He explained that "market codes have been assigned to these activities in the commercial register of services" to help young people "to create a cultural project profitable."

The head of Ansej said the operation "census" of cultural projects ANSEJ could finance "continue" to direct all ideas of cultural projects.

Stating that ANSEJ remains "a device for local development", he stressed that young university students and graduates of vocational schools are the subject of public awareness campaigns "around the ideas emerging as communication or audiovisual or artistic production."

He also added that the support "custom" for young project managers ensured in this context, for ANSEJ, highlighting the role of "leader" of the wilaya of Constantine to support the implementation of cultural projects funded by ANSEJ.

Under the slogan "micro-enterprise, through the development and the cultural renaissance", the national fair of micro enterprise involved in the cultural sector organized by ANSEJ under the auspices of the ministries of labor, employment and social security and culture, brings together 60 exhibitors specialize in crafts and cultural activities, including 16 exhibitors from Constantine.

Offering the opportunity to meet and exchange among young beneficiaries of public programs to support the creation of activities, the show knows a craze after opening. Learners vocational training centers, as students of the School of Fine Arts of Constantine are the first guests.

The national exhibition of micro-companies working in the cultural sector, which will continue until November 7 in progress, also includes lectures and panel discussions topics to address, among other things, entrepreneurship, investment, and professionalizing the range of university education.

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