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mercoledì 4 settembre 2013

A bomb Djaballah: Chakib Khelil has squandered $ 64 billion!

64 billion dollars squandered by Sonatrach Algerian Energy Minister Chakib Khelil former ! It is an impressive amount advanced by the head of an Islamic party which cites a "source in the operation of power" !
" A government source told me that Chakib Khelil , alone has squandered $ 64 billion fund Sonatrach . " The "bomb" was launched from Friday Abdallah Djaballah , the summer school organized in Mostaganem by his party , the Front for Justice and Development.
According to the daily El Khabar , Djaballah said: " After the scandal Khalifa , came the scandal Sonatrach Sonatrach 1 and then 2 . Whenever , the scandal is bigger " before giving a figure of 64 billion dollars squandered by "only" Chakib Khelil , former Minister of Energy and Mines . The latter, based in the United States, is the subject of August 12 last year, an international arrest warrant issued by the Algerian authorities in case of bribes, kickbacks paid by the Italian Saipem , through and through Farid Bedjaoui , nephew of former Minister of foreign and former judge of the International Court of Justice (ICJ ) , Mohamed Bedjaoui .
The case is officially in writing by the Algerian authorities under the name of " Sonatrach 2 . " Of international arrest warrants were also issued against eight other people , in this case , whose wife , two sons and Farid Bedjaoui Chakib Khelil . According to the information of the Italian justice system , disclosed by the Italian press , the amount of bribes paid by Saipem between 2007-2009 for seven contracts worth € 197 million to € 8000000000 , through the Pearl Museum Partners Limited , headquartered in Hong Kong and owned by Farid Bedjaoui . This is very far from the astronomical sum of $ 64 billion would have blown a "source in the operation of power," Abdallah Djaballah .
In a series of four telephone interviews published in newspapers Arabs after the launch of the arrest warrant , Chakib Khelil , was "surprised" the measure and stated that "there is nothing that scares me , and that brings me to the refusal to appear before the justice of Algeria , and the case is very simple and I see no reason to worry about. " Chakib Khelil especially presented the classic line of defense policy with the return of officials Sonatrach in Algeria : a minister does not support policy , not proceed and no contracts
.Une bombe Djaballah : Chakib Khelil a dilapidé 64 milliards de dollars !
Abdallah Djaballah!!!

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