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martedì 24 settembre 2013

Balotelli, violated the code of ethics of Prandelli: perhaps a technicality will save Mario

I had always said from the beginning, from when I started to comment, Mario Balotelli needs a psychologist instead of the coach that will always be on his heels and anywhere. Sometimes I wonder if it really was adopted by an Italian family?? It has a behavior outside of any players. From 2007 to 2013 even has accumulated 77 warnings and 8 expulsions.Non is conceivable kind of behavior, in 20 caps for his country had 10 warnings and 1 expulsion. The talent much praised, rather than return to the sound of goals and victories in the field, was sent off as if nothing has happened?? He loves to be talked about in all circumstances. With these 3 disqualifications will think how to help his Milan he so adored?? The words of Mancini about Balotelli were not wrong when he said to wait to talk about his inclusion in Milan between 2 or three months?? Even Africans do not behave as badly as he does and often below. We have seen various, Weah, Eto'o, the current Asamoah .... The great Italians of the past Baggio, Vialli, Serena, Chiesa, Zola ... I?? I honestly do not know in which country placing him?? It 's really strange for someone who is only 23 years old and with a long future ahead!
Mario Balotelli contro l'arbitro Banti. Ap
Mario Balotelli contro l'arbitro Banti. Ap

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