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mercoledì 4 settembre 2013

A Syrian priest wrote to the French president François Hollande!!!

According Media libre,
"I cherished the vague hope that finally turned the political circus burlesque your predecessor. Listening to you , I quickly surprised to wonder about the merits of my expectations. It took me quickly disillusioned. I stood dumbfounded in front of your face good child, while you allow to issue peremptory judgments on everything and everyone , without any nuance or hesitation.
But when I heard you talk about Syria and its president , I really thought I heard the voice of the Masters that have perched on the first position of France , for the sole purpose of carrying out the project of destruction Syria, your predecessor was unable to lead the way.
For a first on TV , it was a good ! I expect you to firm up at the very close of the French disappointments . For my part , old connoisseur of France and French , I am surprised to say, what slump since the departure of General de Gaulle !
Mr President, Before continuing , it is a historical coincidence that I must tell you , and you did not know without a doubt. Otherwise you would have avoided letting you interview a May 29 ! Indeed, there is another on May 29 , during which France has miserably dishonored .
That was in 1945. On the same day , France " AGENT " is allowed to bomb the Syrian Parliament in Damascus , to then leave his black soldiers kill 29 policemen , stationed in this hotbed of democracy. Did you ?
Mr President, Is not it time for France , and thus for yourself , think for good this despicable policy which, since 1916, the agreements also shameful secrets , called for " Sykes -Picot agreement " leads on the orders of Zionism to destroy Syria and the Arab world ? There was he clairvoyant and noble in all of France then, that Mr Aristide Briand , Minister of Foreign Affairs, for giving your Consul General in Beirut , Mr. Picot , dated November 2, 1915 in anticipation of these agreements, this clear and insightful instruction: " What Syria is not a narrow country ... He needs a wide border , making it an addiction that can stand on its own "?
For Syria " is sufficient to itself ," and such as had already drawn in 1910 , a map from the same Ministry of Foreign Affairs , you should know what it was, after that it was amputated at Northwestern Cilicia , north- eastern region of Mardin , in what is now Iraq , Mosul , West Lebanon , south of Jordan and Palestine , to be beheaded in 1939 , Antioch and the Gulf of Alexandretta , as gifts to Turkey !
[ ... ]
Mr President, it is also a key issue , as I have , as an Arab citizen of Syria , ask you and all western "leaders" : "Why do you need systematically murder the Arab peoples and Muslims? "
You 've done it by drawing between 1980-90 , Iraq against Iran , the Iraq, whose unfortunate Saddam Hussein was being treated as " great friend ," as Donald Rumsfeld by Jacques Chirac ! It was immediately after the ambush of Kuwait , leading to the war against Iraq, followed by a blockade ( 13), which alone caused , according to U.S. reports themselves, the death of 1500 .000 Iraqi children ! Then came the chivalrous "war against terrorism" in Afghanistan ... ! Immediately followed by a new war against Iraq.
As the immortal epic of NATO in Libya , led by " General philosopher " Bernard Henri Levy , she came again , complete these horrors, under the pretext of protection of human rights ! And now , 15 months , while the West is bent against Syria , forgetting an infinity of very serious problems , starting with the Arab-Israeli Conflict, threatening , really , the survival of humanity !
Now all these tragic Western policies , you practice without shame shame, under the cover of all the lies , all the duplicity of all cowardice , all the contortions of the Laws and International Conventions . There have also committed these international bodies , such as the United Nations , the Security Council and the Council of Human Rights , while they only existed to govern the world towards greater justice and peace !
Would you therefore , in the West, now feed the silly hope of ending this way to Islam? Your scientists and your researchers did they not understand that you just cause outrageous Islam , that you persist elsewhere to fund, arm and let go with your number of officers around the country Arabs, especially in Syria? Do not go account that Islam is false return , sooner or later , against you in the heart of your capitals , cities and countryside ?
For all this, let me remind you, I citizen of Syria, that Islam and perk you arm against the Arab world in general and Syria in particular, has nothing to do with the real Islam the same one that Syria has seen during the Arab conquest, and Egypt , and finally Spain. Need I remind you that Western historians , including Jewish historians have had to acknowledge that the conquering Islam proved to be the most tolerant of the conquerors ?
Or would not you , Western leaders in your countries , replete with opulence and "greatness" , the vile executors Zionist projects from the famous Sykes-Picot Agreement , and " Balfour Promise " ignominious up to this day , and for a long time, it seems , always eager to give to Israel every possible known and secret support at all levels, both political and diplomatic , and military, financial and media ?
Yes, why do you need to kill and destroy whole nations , for Israel, the only , can finally live and survive ? Is it the way that you want to fix your terrible complex vis -à-vis guilt of the Jews, due to anti-Semitism more than a millennium and cleanly Western ? You should do it at the cost of the very existence of the Arab and Muslim peoples , among whom the Jews had led an almost normal life, full of warmth , even , rich collaboration ?
If my questions you seem outrageous or exaggerated , let me ask you to read what has been written about the influence of Zionism in the United States , men like John Kennedy and Jimmy Carter, and courageous and researchers known as Paul Findley , Robert Dole, David Duke , Edward Tivnan , John Meirsheimer , Stephen Walt , Franklin Lamb, and especially Noam Chomsky.
Regarding the influence of Zionism in Europe , I rise today in France alone. Given the responsibility is yours, you is it possible to forget or ignore what has been , so bravely , writes Roger Garaudy , Emile Vlajki Pierre Leconte , Regis Debray , especially Jews Michel Warshawsky , Stéphane Hessel , Serge Grossvak and Professor André Noushi ?
If not for all these names do you say anything, let me remind you some if known names in Israel , it would be dishonest to ignore them and ignore what they have dared to say for forty or fifty years , and some even before the "creation" of Israel, Martin Buber, Albert Einstein, Yshayahou Leibowitz , Israel Shahak , Susan Nathan , Tanya Rheinhart .
Finally, let me remind you of a text too well known to go unnoticed. It is dated February 1982. Alone , it is condensed and the relentless Zionist dictates imposed for decades , any Western policy . He appeared in the Zionist journal " Kivounim ", published in Jerusalem. This is an article entitled " Strategy of Israel in the 1980s " , and bears the signature of Mr. Oded Yinon . I merely quote one paragraph , reproduced (p.62 ) in a recent book, " When Syria awakes ... ", published in Paris , Perrin , 2011. Its authors are Richard Labévière and Talal El- Atrash . It reads verbatim:
" The breakdown of Lebanon in five provinces , foreshadows the fate that awaits the entire Arab world, including Egypt , Syria , Iraq and the entire Arabian Peninsula. In Lebanon , it is a fait accompli. The disintegration of Syria and Iraq into ethnically or religiously homogeneous provinces , as in Lebanon , is Israel's primary objective in the long term , on his forehead , short- term goal is the military dissolution of these states. Syria will be divided into several states along ethnic communities , such as the coast becomes a Shi'ite Alawi state , the Aleppo region a Sunni state , in Damascus , another Sunni state hostile to its northern neighbor , Druze form their own state, which will extend our Golan perhaps, and certainly in the Houran and Jordan North . The state will ensure peace and security in the region, long-term it is a goal that is now within our reach . "
[ ... ]
Mr. President , In conclusion, let me urge you strongly to try to get personal account of this whole matter , and measure the responsibility you assume , before it is too late.
A friend , a French priest , connoisseur of Syria, Pope John Paul Devedeux , just write to you on this day . His letter is an urgent call that sends you to a better understanding of the Arabs in general and Syria in particular. The stakes are high .
Please , therefore , you release the "role" you are right to seek, and , above all, that we seek, inevitably , to assert yourself.
Syria " second home of civilized man " as so aptly put your great scholar "Andre Parot " and compost all civilizations , worth a visit. It will not fail to amaze and captivate you even . Have the courage to know closely. You will return bearing a new draft , and just sighted policy , made ​​of human balance , based on the rights and duties of ALL , with regard to ALL! Life , freedom and dignity for ALL!
New President of France, I wish you to take the initiative. You will not be losing as much as you , are right now , and unless you will be tomorrow , if you see !

Mr. President , As I entrust you this hope , I tell you my respect.

Prof. Elias Zahlaoui Notre Dame Koussour Damascus - Damascus
Un prêtre syrien écrit à Hollande

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