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giovedì 5 settembre 2013

Milan, spotlight on Kaka. Today is his day

No one would deny the welcome to the player who has a mind-boggling Achievements, namely Ricardo Kaka, but I think that everything has changed in all sectors, as a team that is almost entirely renewed with the coach, and especially of the character, Ricardo Kaka that has aged. At age 31 he confessed that he still has much to learn?? However, his intentions are and even though I personally was always a great esteem for the champion, player and professional man, I do not feel I may venture to bet on him? It 'also true that anything could happen at this time, however, I prefer to follow closely the upcoming appearances by Kaka on the field that will be the only judge to give him his real reason. Greetings To Kaka!!

Ricardo Kaka to Real Madrid!

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