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sabato 28 settembre 2013

No more divisions, employers Algerians want to join all the organizations!!!

According to Algé,

The boss Algerians are about to create a confederation of business that will consolidate all existing organizations. This union occurs during the course of the tripartite be held the first week of October in Algiers.
"We will meet on Tuesday to prepare a joint document that will represent us at the next tripartite", said today Mohand-Said Nait Abdelaziz, President of the National Confederation of Employers Algerians (CNPA) in a  telephone interview. "For the first time, we headed to a maximum of agreements on common principles," said he added.
Seven employers' organizations have come together, there are a few days in Algiers to develop a common position to be presented to the Tripartite platform on October 10. "There will be represented by a single spokesperson and to facilitate the work of the Prime Minister, we present a single document," said the boss.
This "coordination" can go beyond the Tripartite Pact. "We will continue this momentum, sooner or later, the confederation of employers," he said. "It 's time to leave the stage wants to go to the field of political and social representation," said he added.
Organizations of employers are invited to attend the next trilateral will be held October 10 in Algiers. Seven of these associations that meet the Algerian employers want to come together to influence the decisions of the meeting, which will focus mainly on the recovery of the domestic industry.
Part of the Union, only the General Union of Algerian workers allowed in these meetings. Independent trade unions have instead an observer.

Algiers. The capital of Algeria.

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