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martedì 17 settembre 2013

Milan, Kaka out for a month, "Nothing salary until I heal"

Slimane MELAB
Ricardo Kaka plays in Italian Serie A and not in a team of an African country plunged into poverty (with all my respect to the poverty that is not a defect). Kaka has signed a contract and will be paid as all his colleagues. A soccer player is a worker with a salary to its characteristics. There isn't a player who has never been paid to Italy unless the company has had of late payments? Otherwise everything has always proceeded regularly. As for the player, I can only say that it is really unfortunate and that instead of integrating with the new team will be out for a few weeks?? The new Milan team does not promise progress and especially on offense, we talk too much about the new leader Mario Balotelli have not seen the height of the many accolades that the press has attributed to him? Mario has never jumped the man, he can not ever in dribling and pain and rarely just a number, with some fake but then always loses the ball often falls above. I see Mario in the game but only PENALTIES, makes many. Share almost no goal. I do not see him as a leader?? He is a player who needs to grow up a lot. he has nothing to do with Messi, Neymar, Hazard .... His results speak for himself since last year, in fact he had scored so many penalties. AC Milan if they have had more interested in Mario Balotelli but not in El-Shaarawi who made 16 goals from open play and no penalty .... So not good!

Ricardo Kakà.

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