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martedì 3 settembre 2013

The Italian defense minister Mario Mauro ...!!

The Italian Minister Mario Mauro was very clear through her Face Book profile highlighting that Italy knows many things about the dictatorship , having already experienced previously with the Duce Benito Mussolini but knowing especially that of Assad ? It 's true ! But not today, in the Middle East has always reigned the monarchy or ( ( republic ) ), ie , the dictatorship and , moreover, as in all Asian countries except Japan and by exception ! And do not come right now to tell me that Italy must necessarily line up with the U.S. and France ? ? It is the latter that will bring back democracy in Syria? ? As he had done previously America in favor of Iraq ? ? Just tell lies , because this time will not believe any more. We were told the same things about Iraq but in the end it was daring , it was all a fiction in America until it reaches its goal; revenge W Bush against Saddam Hussein. And finally, what has been established in this country thousands of years, full of history, legends and ancient stories that have fascinated the most skeptical of the world? ? Now only a few vestiges of Western invasion that left only ruins material, human , moral and above all very painful . IRAQ is now included among the most dangerous countries in the world, democracy was emerged from the war , rebellion , revenge , the bomb blasts almost every day ... Practically a total catastrophe ! !
Iraq we knew that there was a powder of contemporary history , it all started from an endless war that continues without interruption from 2003 until today.
As for Italy , the whole world knows that for siding with the most ( (strong) ) in the world.
The Pope urged Francis to peace, brotherhood and unity , show it if you're a true CHRISTIANS who propagate only peace and love in the world !
In Italy we say : "There is no two without three ", and from this it follows that the third world war is approaching ?
I wonder where are the values ​​of family, education , love, the Bible, the ture , the Gospel and the Koran ? ? All these made ​​us understand that they were only to confuse us more? Religions have always been and will remain such for the poor ? It ' an injustice ? And ' why the poor should always pay for the mistakes of the rich? ? All states belong to the rich who run the world. Enabling those in want and those who make their interests and when one mistake will be removed accusing then dictator and traitor? ? We all understand in what sense turns the clock !

Damascus, the capital of Syria as it was!

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