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lunedì 16 settembre 2013

Facebook adopted the Tamazight language of use

Unless the Government of Algeria does not want to recognize the ancestral autentique language of our land ! All colonizers out of Algeria but there is one that has stuck in our skin as a tick and hardly wants to recognize us? Sooner or later all things will return to their original place . It is true that the French language colon but we Berbers Arabic is the language of the colonizer longer , the eternal , of colonization, Arabic became an indigenous citizen instead of Berbers and who can speak other colonizers as if it is the owner of Algeria ? ? In Algeria , the people forced to admit Arabization only when they are in front of a Berber . Most Algerians do not control all of the Arabic language , although it speaks the dialect which is a mixture of Berber , the Turk , the French and Arabic . Why we continue to assign a language that we all  ignorant ? ?
We are at 1000 km France and 4000 in Saudi Arabia ! What distance between us ! And what is the relationship between Arabic and Tamazight ? ? Two languages ​​and two completely different cultures ! I'm not afraid of anything and I always tell the truth. Stop babbling us with your false brotherhood. Berber always includes another Berber any region or country. Berber is an African, Arabic is an Asian . I think there's really a very large difference in all domaines.Not talk to me especially racism? because every time we begin a discussion on this topic , most forbids from improper expressions. In this case it is one that does not want my language is really racist and not the one who brags and ignores me . It is said that when we go to someone we must integrate , it is not at all the case, as the Arab arrived last and the excuse of religion formed a state home in Numidia in north Africa and to make us wander we always spoke to us of Israel who founded the state in Palestine ? ? Palestine is not exactly in Africa, I do not see the connection between a Berber and a Palestinian ? ? The Palestinians had nothing to do with Berber, they talk to each other they will never understand unless Berber yields and begins to speak in Arabic. Our brothers are Africans. I believe much more in a Senegalese who would be as my brother than an Arab who comes from asia , I have to have African origins of black as my ancestors did , just look at the Tuareg. Arab upon arrival in North Africa have found a fertile land which they have monopolized the property as an indigenous race in our country. To tie us even more to them was accessed us strength to the pan-Arab and Gulf countries who constantly think to destabilize our country. Criminals in the name of god ignore the others, tolerance and freedom , they do not hesitate to attack much diversity. Confined and limited in their entourage who promises no future and no change. Fanatics and conceited like air balls. Invaders, colonizers eternal , where they go , they do not leave , they become bosses, they have been lucky through the Ottomans who colonized Algeria for three centuries , and had succeeded in establishing the Islam through the power to order from us. France is no longer there in Algeria , not the Ottomans, the Greeks. Romans ...... They are still not ( ( Brothers ) ) beloved, Arabs, most lucid fairest citizens , the more accurate (they have the Koran ) , the bravest , the heroes , the most serious , the most honest ? ? Oh ? ? We stole our LAND . IT IS WRITTEN IN THE KORAN THAT WOULD GO OF OWNING ALL PROPERTIES FOR OTHER KIND OF TRUE MUSLIMS ? ? Goods  EXAMPLES OF WHAT DISCIPLES OF MOHAMED ? ? ARABS DO NOT CEASE TO THIEF ON BEHALF OF THE KORAN ? ?
Facebook adopte le Tamazight comme langue d’utilisation

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