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mercoledì 25 settembre 2013

The show-business oppose forever!

I feel so bad that I would not know where to start a comment for advertising purposes to meet the lords of the Show- Business? ?
Yesterday I commented on the state and behavior of Mario Balotelli on the field , unlike me from how they do it all the time even Italians who insult him with such phrases racial and discriminatory , printing pretends to nothing, and does not write reports nothing about the dynamics of scandalous acts and xenophobia against Mario Balotelli. I simply wrote my point of view of the professional behavior of Balotelli that I think the press did him get in the chair too soon and leaving out those who have already arrived there by themselves thanks to their work and commitment. Me, I was never allowed to talk about the private life of Mario Balotelli ! I do not care if he is engaged or not, if he smoke or drink? ? if he go to the disco or not ? ? Of all this I do not give any importance. The Gazzetta dello Sport and other newspapers publications , when they have nothing to write they bring to argue the facts of others. Some do not accept the reality of the facts , the truth hurts a lot if it reveals by another like me? ? see that I am a free citizen who has his sacred right to criticize a public figure and professionally if you are the gentlemen of the press my behavior there you don't like, without pretending to not having read or heard and seen it . I ? ? I always do what i wants to do , staying in the wake of my limitations , respecting the sacred and holy privacy of others.
Yesterday my comment was rejected because, according to the moderators of the Gazzetta dello Sport on line , my words were offensive ? ?
If I should count how many offensive sentences read on Italian newspapers during my entire stay in Italy , putting them all facing each other will build a road from Milan to Rome.
Everywhere in Western Europe we speak about tolerance, democracy and freedom of expression ? ? It 's just a deception , all the people who go to the Saturday to have fun, shopping , mountain, sea, vacation , walking , Europeans believe that true freedom is this ? ? The world press is always conditioned by many reasons. There is no freedom everywhere ! THERE ! ! The only freedom of man is when he goes in the other world ? ? Word of a citizen FRENCH !

The Tour Eiffel.

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