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venerdì 13 settembre 2013

The Pope Francesco against war!!

Here at last was a great man, an extraordinary man of peace, a brave man , full of humanity with goodness of religiosity , altruism , solidarity , of great sensitivity , of union, of forgiveness, of great humility , Francesco , a great and unique Pope of its kind and above all is unprecedented. Pope Francesco is simply against the war and against any violence , oppression , speculation , exploitation , invasion, colonization . The Pope says that there isn’t a low cost Christian , Jews and Muslims are our brothers , we must reach out for them and offer them our solidarity , our moral support and support them in these dark times . The Pope Francis is opposed to the war declared by the Americans against Syria as opposed to the tycoons and sheikhs of the Gulf countries who have lined up in favor of the United States .. The pope expressed without any fear of dwelling on his words: " It ' a trade war , you just need to sell the weapons ." Clearer than this? ? Some media will not like this statement by the pope who defends the poor suffering from a war without any sense for the world. The big benefit will be bruised among the first countries in the world , as had happened with Libya's . Gaddafi
A moral commitment to the Holy Father , which contrasts with the bellicosity of the Gulf monarchies that have largely used their financial resources to keep the war in Syria and who were willing to pay the "price" of strikes in the United States .
If you have not had the Arab League a great support for military intervention , the oil monarchies have led, in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC ) for an " immediate intervention by the international community."
America is in search of an international coalition using some Arab minister to make an excuse of liga Arab and especially to speak in it name and manipulate , always speaking in the name of Arab liga . Actually there was no decision taken into consideration after the meeting of John Kerry and the ministers of the countries of the Arab League .
In fact, what are the complaints that amplify , including a West pummeled by the media, against the war. The nine members of the Board of Alba, the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (Alba) has " categorically condemned any action or intention to intervene militarily in Syria. "
Alba Calls on the Member States to " refrain from any military aggression or the threat of use of force against the people and the government, " Syria , accusing Washington of using the same strategy against the Syrian regime in Libya , Iraq and the ' Egypt.

Barack Obama had said that "there will not be another Iraq or another Afghanistan . " Thing that will disappoint the monarchs of oil? ? ? ..
The Pope Francis!!

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