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lunedì 23 settembre 2013

Tunisian women in "gender jihad" in Syria

According Algeria,
Comment Slimane Melab,
Every day there's something new there in Islam Salafists?? New commands from them, do not surprise us, sometimes they love to use through a very channel ((peace)) to their very aggressive and threatening ways. It is clear that their message had focused a lot of people who have agreed to their goal. Tunisian women who took the decision to join these groups of criminals in the name of god, certainly were forced to sacrifice for the (( God )) soldiers. When you are poor, you only have little to convince us in every way. Of course that Tunisia is not a country at the height of resolving the problems of the economic crisis that also afflicted the country. After the revolt and riots and anger Tunisian people who continue to multiply every day, Islamists are there any near to intervene in al small error state. Anyway this dignitary Arabic Saudi Arabia, which launched this "fatwa" by legalizing Islamist is legally permitted to manage his way the new Koran invented in Saudi Arabia?? Although Western continue to defend the rights of the woman, the Islamists on the other they invent next store other laws to engulf more and make her again and again slave of man?? And they used to call Islamic marriage?? instead of freedom of Islamic sex?? These terrorist villains approaching slowly Western cultures in the form of securities ((Islamic) as halal weddings, Islamic?? There there's no halall, it simply calls a life of prostitution.
...Des Tunisiennes en “jihad du sexe” en Syrie

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