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venerdì 20 settembre 2013

How sad! President Moratti leaves Inter after 18 years!

Slimane MELAB,
 The story of a man who was so in love with his bird always locked in a cage, and so one day he decided to free him. A noble gesture of a great man, a man full of sensitivity, love and above all understanding. In contrast to many that despite their highly advanced age still insist in the leadership of their clubs, as there are also some players who are still going despite their exaggerated length. President Moratti is from another planet, an unlimited intelligence, has left the company in the hands of Tohir that will surely do good. This news has saddened me greatly because with our dear president Massimo Moratti closes a historic and legendary cycle of the dynasty Moratti and all of us, the fans of this generation will suffer so much his absence and his nostalgia and feel a lot because from now on then it will be difficult to see the first Inter fan in the gallery? At least that ..... ?? Thank you Mr Chairman for everything you have done to us all Inter fans from the legendary glories, from the record of 2010, which divided the joys with all of us during your presidency, the samples you brought to Inter-Ronaldo-Recoba Javier Zanetti (the great captain), Eto'o and Milito-Figo-Sneijder-Cambiasso-Julio-Cesar Maicon ..... the Coaches: Gigi Simone (who lost the championship by a hair of luck) - Roberto Mancini-and the legendary Mourinho . A huge thank you, Mr. President, and best wishes for your whole life. We will always remember you with great affection and respect.
The president Massimo Moratti.

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