Honestly, I had not followed the first duel between Obama and Romney (the challenger), but all in all, I think that the President Obama should win by force To complete his reforms, and as, moreover, as had already happened in the past to G. W B J. Americans should understand that Obama, despite his coming to power in the middle of the global economic crisis, I think he still made some major reforms such as health especially. I do not think it's fair also to make guilty Obama for the death of the American ambassador to Benghazi? I do not think this is the time to exploit envi bad evenement as soon to discredit Mr Obama? And as blaming G. B. J. the massacre of the twin tower? The ability of Mr Obama should not dwell on mishaps to his knowledge away from the states but also within. I do not think that if there was another man in his place, he would have realized how much the current great president Obama! Definitely he must would be voted by all! I? Yes sùre , I'll vote him with my eyes closed!
· October 16, 2012 at 12:40pm
The USA president, Barack Obama.