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venerdì 6 settembre 2013

Syria speaks of "World War III"

According to Algérie - ,
Articole by salsabil chellali
Article translated by Slimane MELAB ,
" The Syrian government will not change its position even if there is a third world war . Nobody Syrian can not sacrifice the independence of his country," said Deputy Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Moqdad to AFP on September 4. Certain terms that reflect the scope and complexity of the Syrian conflict .
Faisal Moqdad reiterates the government's position , ready to face the internal and external opposition . He assured that the Syrian regime has taken "all measures " to deal with the Western attacks in his statement to AFP , adding :
" We will not give information on how Syria will retaliate . Nobody can predict what will be the situation in the area after the start of the attack. "
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad also said Syria had means to react, without specifying which . He indirectly threatened Western forces who accuse him of having committed a deadly chemical attack on the outskirts of Damascus.
"In the framework of the United Nations , Syria has the right answer because this attack has no justification under international law," said the Syrian deputy foreign minister . And to add :
" If France wants to support Al- Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood , as was born in Egypt and other parts of the world , which is headed for failure in Syria ," he said in an interview conducted at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Damascus .
Syria is also ready to form a coalition with its allies against the West , a threat that could threaten the entire region of the Middle East, internationalize the conflict and divide the world in the event of "World War III " .
"The United States are mobilizing their allies for aggression against Syria. Believe that , for its part , Syria has the right to mobilize its allies and that offer all kinds of support ," he said , without further details.
"Iran , Russia, South Africa and the Arab countries refused this attack and are ready to face this war will declare that the United States and its allies , including France , against Syria," said Mr. Moqdad .
Iran is currently detectable in support of the regime. However , Russian President Vladimir Putin has finally said " ready to act " on condition that the evidence presented by the United Nations against Bashar Al Assad are " convincing " in an exclusive interview with The Associated Press on September 4.
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