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giovedì 12 settembre 2013

Yemen: Rawan, 8 years old, died at her wedding night!!

According Algérie,
Rawan, a Yemeni girl of eight years, died the day after her "Wedding Night" from her injuries during sex imposed by her "husband", who is about forty years old. The uterus of the child is torn and died Saturday in a hotel room in the city of Hardh.
It is not certain that her husband, a native of Saudi Arabia, was arrested. According to members of human rights organizations, the small Rawan was sold in Saudi Arabia by her stepfather at 10,000 rials (€ 2,024). The biological father of the child is dead, said the Yemeni Center for Human Rights.
"In light of this terrible history, we repeat our request to see passing a law that requires at least 18 years old to enter into a marriage," said an employee of the center. As for the Islamists have repeatedly rejected such proposals.
The marriage of underage girls is relatively common in Yemen. In 2008, the case of small Nudshud Ali, 10, has attracted the attention of the public, because she had obtained a divorce in a court.
Yémen: Rawan, 8 ans, décédée des suites de sa nuit de noces

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