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venerdì 28 marzo 2014

Ali Benflis're back to the collision presidential nomination!

What a surprise ! Mr Ali Benflis is again in the running for the presidential elections after having resigned in 1991 , following his refusal to sign the interruption of the electoral process in 1991. He returned to politics in 1997 to support and direct Bouteflika 's presidential campaign in 1999.
Before occupying the positions of Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, then Chief of Staff of the Presidency and Prime Minister after the resignation of Ahmed Benbitour August 26, 2000 . A year later, September 19, 2001 , Ali Benflis is appointed head of the FLN , replacing Boualem Benhamouda .
He was replaced May 5, 2003 by Ahmed Ouyahia, who was appointed Prime Minister . A dispute then discussed between him and President Bouteflika, long press relaying the idea that he was sacked for fear of its growing popularity .
He is a candidate for the 2004 presidential election , where it ranks second behind the incumbent, with 6.42 % of votes. It prepares new bid for the presidential elections of 2014. He officially announced his candidacy Jan. 19, 2014 .
This is done to understanding, hate reaction against the man who had fired. A man who had been an integral part of this band of robbers , to exonerate and rehabilitate his name and reputation , here in action as if zero is passed to the load with all his forces discrediting his former close friend Bouteflika ? ?
No Mr Le ( (Judge ) ) Benflis you were complicit in any band that ugly power, and if you are consistent and fair , after a verdict of civil codes , criminal , or istitutionnels constituonnels that you had during uitilisé your duties as a judge , you are not fit and proper to this high state function . The Algerian people is tired of always seeing the same headers in power , although we need categorical and general change in all institutions.
This is a staging from this power in order to replace Bouteflika by the same person ideologically and morally above . If this is not Elhadj Moussa is Elhadj Moussa.

Ali Benflis.

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