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giovedì 20 marzo 2014

On the eve of the presidential election: the army launched a sweep féroce against al-Qaeda'' '

Command of the Algerian National People's Army, announced a preventive war against the strongholds "of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb," on the eve of the electoral campaign for the presidential election on April 17, when the forces of security have increased the pace of military operations in the areas used by terrorists.
Intensive operations being conducted by the forces of the PNA presage "different sweeps" which may extend beyond the next presidential elections. According to reliable sources, the Department of National Defence had ordered the army to mobilize military units in preparation for large operations against the strongholds of the terrorist groups operating in several provinces, particularly in the central, eastern and south.
Immediately launched the military operations led quickly to the elimination of seven terrorists, among them two emirs in the wilaya of Tebessa. The special forces of the PNA were deployed in several areas along the eastern border areas with Tunisia. These units have also been seen moving in recent days accompanied by armored military vehicles and headed for the border lines of the provinces of Tebessa, Souk Ahras and El Tarf, experiencing an influx of other reinforcements Land Forces ie infantry and tanks.
Note that several fighter air forces are present in the sky wilaya of Tebessa, Souk El Tarf and Ahras and in the wilaya of El Oued, to the south. According to the same source, the population in mountainous areas of the Kabylia region, particularly in the provinces of Tizi Ouzou and Bejaia Bouira, saw the presence of large military forces which are conducted sweeps past few days.
We learned that in parallel during visits that would have led the Chief of Staff of the National People's Army, General Salah Ahmed Gaid, the wilaya which include the "rest" of terrorist groups that the security situation is mastered in this region of Kabylia who has experienced relative calm for the past two years.
Where the terrorist organization had changed methods in the past month, the "hostage" and release the pressure and mobilization of the population, but operations concentrated in the region, these days, augur to intense operations for the "isolation" of "Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb" in presidential elections approach.
The armed forces could enter at the tops of the mountains located within the municipality of Mezrana and Aghrib in the wilaya of Tizi Ouzou. Supported by helicopter gunships and air strikes early operations have led to the elimination of four terrorists. The army forces have also succeeded in the night before yesterday, to eliminate a terrorist in an ambush set up by a military unit near the village of Ouled Benfodhil on the heights of the adjacent el Kadiria Draa el Mizan mountains about 30 kilometers west of the city of Bouira.
The various reports cite dramatic results on the operations of the forces of the PNA, which show eliminations between terrorists, arrests, surrenders, implementation of search operations, dismantling of support networks, and destruction of bunkers. According to the same sources, surveillance operations conducted by the security services on the eastern border, have affected all points sensitive border crossings, including points and gaps that served crossing smugglers of fuel and drugs, the extreme border of the municipality "blessed Kacha" wilaya of Tebessa, through the common "Taleb Larbi" and ending on the border of the municipality "Douar el Maa" on the region of the province of Ouargla , which crippled the activities of smuggling groups these days.
Control and ground surveillance, and the sky, are also extended to the mountains of the province of El Oued, where the triangle of the dangerous border between Algeria, Tunisia and Libya is. As a reminder, the elements of the National People's Army had conducted several operations during the last week, the largest in the province of Tebessa resulting in the elimination of seven terrorists, including a senior leader of "Al-Qaeda in the Maghreb Islamic ".
A la veille de l’election presidentielle : l’armée lance une rude opération de ratissage contre ‘’al-qaïda’

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