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venerdì 28 marzo 2014

Inter, Moratti and penalty that is missing from 32 matches? Situation comedy?

Slimane MELAB
The honorary president Massimo Moratti speaks as a fan and it is right to give him the opportunity to vent and to express his disappointment this year and above . However , in my opinion a great team should not necessarily expect to earn a penalty to win, his mind would be very easy to train players specifically in the specialty of tuff ? No , although this is a right of all teams , I do not think that would solve the rigors of the internal problems of Inter? ? The strength lies in attack, if you attack with continuations and accuracies , sooner or later the ball always goes , but if ever the wrong door , as was already a large number of virtual samples, the defeat is more than justifiable. We must teach players to attack, because " the best defense is a good offense ." In the field down many players but only to someone you can not explode like a guitar, can touch millions of hands , but only some of them we will be able to play it properly. In fact, the guitar has a nice interface but lacks the musicians . The President Thohir , you must understand that it takes to win the high-level players , although Moratti had spent several years to finally figure it out in 2010. "He who sows the wind reaps the storm " , Victor Hugo . A cordial greeting to all athletes of Italy and the world.

The former Inter president Massimo Moratti

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