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domenica 30 marzo 2014

Campagnaro, Dzeko, what choices??

Slimane MELAB
For the umpteenth time , we are still faced with the same problems yesterday. Campagnaro is 33 years old and not a few ? I would say that the team is based on 11 players of a good standard at least in the field , on paper Inter has always had its value and prestige internationally. I do not understand why the various observers of the Inter staff continues to guide our president harmless on the choice of Dzeko ? It 's true that possesses tremendous quality and just turned 28 years old . It ' an age when fully ripe , would give greater security in the attack if it is accompanied by a great director worthy to remain at his side. However, it will not be the savior of his country playing alone . Inter are missing stimuli and drive to explode. The dressing room it builds the coach and not the company or the players themselves . Wherever you go , there are always clan if that sometimes divide and unite others , and not just a matter of luck but also of charisma and personality that conveys the coach to his team. I would be very glad to see tomorrow Belfodil play a great game against his former team. It would be the last straw for Walter Mazzarri . hoping to win , I cordially greet all athletes of Italy and the world.
Dzeko city.jpg
Edin DZeko

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