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domenica 23 marzo 2014

Media Advisory: Launch of the new chain El Balad TV

Slimane MELAB
I think it is inconceivable nowadays, the realization of this suffocating insistence on the part of Arab governments in insisting to use force to different systems arabiser old settlers , intimidation , oppression, the prohibition of freedom of expression, the obligation to study Arabic at the school in the Berber regions , to admit that the sole state religion is Islam, does not take into account the will and desire of other nations. The Algerian government has forgotten that this country has had several colonies as transient who left in laissantles remains and ancient cultural traditions such as Judaism and Christianity that our ancestors practiced for several centuries. In the 70s . Boumediene began to get a lot of teachers of Arabic in Egypt , so they could arabiser most regions especially , those Berber but unfortunately for him could not get a positive result and even after his death, the Algerian people continued to look more and more in the French language than Arabic
 and even also conducted in various television programs in Arabic , guests have never been able to meet in Arabic without the use of the French language. Government ( Algeria ) , pretends to nothing and one who claims nothing , ignoring the Berber people who continue to suffer from theft of Arab everywhere. After several unsuccessful attempts obtained , these blood suga do not stop for nothing and continue to use all means to the usurpers of use and the country's leaders . Berbers want to see different channels Berber language and the language Tifinagh is written on all documents , not just studying Tamazight in schools as a foreign language must be legally and constitutionally recognized. This government needs to disappear forever and leave room for native Algerian Berbers to run their country. A government that says Muslim worship? But stealing land to others depending on their status ?
I think it was Israel to colonize Palestine, but the Muslims to colonize the Berbers of North Africa under the scapegoat as a hedge of the Quran Arabs.
Médias : Lancement de la nouvelle chaîne El Bilad TV

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