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lunedì 17 marzo 2014

Dealers resist falling demand, car sales halved

According to the newspaper of economy and information " The Financier "
In fact, the 17th edition of the International Motor Show Algiers ( ALW ) is found in a situation considered "difficult" by the dealers in the bottom of a downward trend in demand Algeria and gloomy outlook on the world market.
The ' year 2013 was characterized by declines of 30-50 % in sales volume , said APS representatives of the leading brands on the sidelines of the economic and commercial event ( March 12 to 22 at the Exhibition Hall ) .
Different forms of acquisition of housing initiated by the government , real estate development , combined with increases in final reminder and paid in 2012 and enjoyed by many citizens seem to have affected the demand for vehicles , officials explain these .
They wish , otherwise a recovery in demand in the short term, at least a stable market to keep the business . After the " boom" of 2012 in which 568 610 vehicles ( 45.7% ) were imported in Algeria worth 514.43 billion DA, the market contracted in 2013 and " the trend continues again this year , " analysts predict .
This decline is further confirmed in January , during which the car imports fell by 50 % to $ 23,682 compared to the same month last year , during which Algeria has imported 47 858 vehicles. According to customs data , imports reached $ 382 million compared to nearly $ 607 million in the same month in 2013 , a decrease of 37%.
Significant discounts offered during the show , sometimes reaching 350,000 DA, private lockers advertising in the press and television , highlighting the quality of cars and delivery times, long deplored by buyers , explain the ' manufacturers concerned by the continuing decline in demand in a market once thriving . Another sign of the difficult situation that the whole market , just average attendance was recorded in the fourth day of the show with a slight downward trend compared to the previous edition , there was .
This year, the programming of the show with the crucial period of school exams , in the lower part with frequent bad weather over the weekend . In this edition , traders increasing sales techniques to attract customers and achieve maximum sales and reduce inventories . Among the marketing tools used , the distribution of brochures to guide visitors to the stands of exhibitors , and gifts available for any vehicle purchase . Other dealers go further, offering customers to take charge tax on new vehicles exceeding 70,000 dinars for the cheapest.
It's just that times are tough for dealers and vehicle sales for payment services have their heyday in 2005 , now part of the past. Some manufacturers expect to pass through a zone of turbulence in the years to come, especially with the new rules that the government intends to introduce in order to regulate the market and encourage investment in the manufacturing sector .
In fact, the government now requires dealers and importers of vehicles to invest if they want to continue to exercise, which in the opinion of experts, " move Atles things . " Investments should be made ​​in this connection may qualify for benefits under the National Agency for Investment Development ( ANDI ) .
Garlic them, a bill that amends and supplements the executive decree n ° 07-390 of 12 December 2007 laying down the conditions and procedures for exercising the business of selling new cars is in preparation. A working group composed of a representative of the Ministry of Commerce , Finance, Industrial Development and Energy and Mines , installed on a statement of the Prime Minister supports the revision of the decree. The other aspect that deserves to be mentioned in this show is brand resolutely took the exposure of the character over the years .
In other places, the car shows are intended only to reveal new models, while in Algiers salon , on-site sales of vehicles and "cash" payment is a common place . This phenomenon has been observed repeatedly Safex and the Association of Automobile Manufacturers ( AC2A ), which co- organized the event.
Les concessionnaires résistent à la chute de la demande, Les ventes automobiles baissent de moitié

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