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lunedì 24 marzo 2014

Louisa Hanoune: "The mafia wants to control the state"

The candidate of the Workers' Party (PT) , Louisa Hanoune has denounced Sunday in Annaba , the seizure of a mafia whose " policy investitimento dirty money " , before remembering that " dirty money had entered Parliament in 2012. " and this dirty money , she says , it wants to infiltrate everywhere and in all positions of power. "
Addressing her supporters in Annaba Azzedine Medjoubi theater where she launched her campaign Hanoune refused to make " false promises " to her constituents , but is committed to " give guarantees to the Algerian people and not to corporations and the International Monetary Fund . "
Let us remember to be a girl in this town " adoption ," explained that the choice of the ancient BONA is also motivated by the fact that she got her first steps there in political activism , she won to get it done for the first time prison.
As explained in Annaba have chosen to begin his campaign for the "victory" that is the acquisition by the State , the steel complex of El Hajar .
The Workers' Party candidate in the presidential election of April 17 , has also attacked one of its competitors , Ali Benflis , without mentioning the name . In this regard, it is noted that " I have never been a daughter of the system" before questioning who was prime minister in 2001? Continuing his indictment against Benflis , she noticed that who was prime minister and wanted to dismantle the labor code to make Algerian workers "slaves of multinational corporations. "
Louisa Hanoune , these elections could lead to chaos or the birth of a second  Republic have concluded that they are involved in " the context of war . "
To conclude her speech , she called to go to mass on election day , because it is likely to provide a " total break " with the system of " one-party " while warning that " we have a choice to come out as winners in this election or sink into the chaos that is already threatening the countries concerned by what is called the Arab Spring + +. "Like she said that the presidential election is" decisive "and" different "from those of 2004 and 2009 because" it place in a context of regional war more foreign attempts to destabilize the country. "
Louisa Hanoune : « La mafia veut contrôler l’Etat »

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