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martedì 25 marzo 2014

Reply to Mouloud Hamrouche!

Slimane MELAB

To force a former partner of the dictator Boumediene , would never accept to submit to the rules of other dictators ! Hamrouche was joined by his friend President Boumediene year until his death . Now that has no place among the pack of hyenas , is allowed to criticize this government ? ? And ' why then had to stay outside instead of staying with these mobsters, his peers ? ? Now they all want to exonerate themselves from the mistakes made during their compulsory term in power ? ?
I do ? I answer with a resounding NO! !
Nobody wants them , these blood suga and eaters at the expense of the Algerian people .
Personally I do not think any of these OLD conductors of a dictatorial , oppressive slavery .
The Algerian people , no longer interested in the one-party FLN , who exploits the name for commercial purposes. The real partisans are all dead and those of today are only the carcasses spared from France to allow himself the luxury of making them work under his orders .
Algeria needs of the new government, new faces , other dimensions , more youthful and dynamic . Algeria needs to turn the page and forget the past that these ( ( master ) ) of the country love to create discord always , always remembering the wounds of the past , wars against France that gave much even for Algeria. The region of Este Algeria, Kabylia is all built with the emigration of Kabyles in France and not oil that was being used by the authorities to their selfish purposes . And if we must always remember France and why not the Arabs who entered North Africa as propagandists of Islam by force and the use of swords and later founded the states and then arabizzandoli by force? ? The biggest colonizer is just the Arabic , where he does not go out . Look at the case in Turkey , which has changed the writing of his tongue from writing letters to the Arabic writing with the Latin alphabet, and this is almost a century . " Everything in its time," it is sufficient to look at the South Africa that has finally returned to South Africans , I'm sure it will happen in the future , Algeria will return to its origins with the Berbers of Morocco, Libya and Tunisia
.Mouloud Hamrouche : “Je ne serai jamais candidat à une élection où les résultats sont établis d’avance”
The former prime minister Mouloud Hamrouche.

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