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mercoledì 19 marzo 2014

It 'was designed in Venice (Italy): The stele of the colonel Amirouche arrived Tuesday in Algiers

The stele of Colonel Amirouche arrived Tuesday in Algiers International Airport from the Italian capital , Rome , where it was designed by an Italian sculptor in Venice.
You will rise these days instead said "A Trench " (pictured) , near Tassaft Ouguemoune in common Iboudrarène (30 km south- east of Tizi Ouzou ) .
The official opening is planned for the commemoration of the 55th anniversary of the death of Colonel on the battlefield March 28, 1959 .
Amirouche Ait Hamouda (born October 31, 1926 at Tassaft Ouguemoun - killed in action south of Boussada , March 29, 1959 ) , known by the French " wolf Akfadou " and " Amir terrible " is a militant Algerian nationalist , Colonel of ' National Liberation Army (NLA) and Director wilaya III during the war of independence.
In a lively intelligence and a more decided character of the age of thirty , he took his command of the Wilaya III. It ' s been the ruin of France, which has mobilized in vain to overcome the almost 11,000 men who joined local units 8 general and 27 colonels during the operation of Brumaire in 1958

The colonel Amirouche Ait-Hamouda
Born into a wealthy family, intellectual , he was the posthumous son of Amir Ait Hamouda and Fatima Ait Ramdane Mendes Bent . His father, a remarkable Tassaft Ouguemoun (region desOuacifs ) , Djurdjuran a small town where he was born October 31, 1926 , gives some instruction in arabe2 because he sympathizes with cultural ideas - according to Ait Hamouda political ulama .
Amir married , in Oued Fodda with his cousin . His uncle - his stepfather , richer than the rest of the family, help start a small business Relizane jewelry . E ' in this village of rework Oraniequ'il and sells , among other pieces , necklaces, bracelets and rings Aït Yenni , whose artistic reputation extends well beyond the Kabylia. This well-established craftsman , a young boy ( Ait Hamouda Amrane , said Noureddine , the ' current member of the RCD) .
Amirouche became involved in politics. Approve the nationalist leader of the city , Dr. Ahmed Francis , who denounced this is the time to proconsulate - Marcel - Edmond Naegelen - rigged elections . Options , however, it takes more radical than those of the head of UDMA . Not content to adhere to MTLD Relizane and leave to go to work , àAlger as the permanent home of the movement, instead of Chartres , he entered the operating system when the crackdown on special MTLD Organization in 1950 - 1951 , Amir is in jail . Released but forbidden to stay in Algiers , he returned to his release from prison in Relizane , but it will smuggle Sunday in the capital . Although fortanticommuniste will often visit friends log -PCA Algiers Republican.

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