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venerdì 28 marzo 2014

IMMOBILE, Juventus Turin, is arm wrestling

Slimane MELAB
I'm sure if Mario Balotelli will always play the "IMMOBILE", the foot-baller player in Torino. will finally become what you saw, who felt him say, worthy of a fame which until now has blurred into nothing, now, comes out only through its famous tweets or with the help of some journalist who is fond of her vicissitudes. Of course property is a great player, he deserves full recognition for the seriousness and above all the work and skill. A player like him deserves no doubt to be followed very carefully. Prandelli is one to which nothing escapes, I'm quite sure of his call to the world. And as for his card, not up to me to evaluate, but the company that is interested, for my part I can only confirm the enormous value of this guy. A cordial greeting to all athletes of Italy and the world.

Ciro Immobile (Torino).

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