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mercoledì 26 marzo 2014

Khaled and Mami sing to the outgoing president, Rai pocket

Two stars to support presidential candidate
The election of April 17 will be decidedly to the rhythm of music.
Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly clear that the art seems to espouse political body to do with the different topics. So is it really that innocent artist starts overnight and out of the blue to talk about politics ? Cheb Mami , Cheb Khaled , Ababsa Fella rapper Azou to mention that they the are well and truly at the service of those in power , they do not hide and they have shown on many occasions . Away from their first passion of sentimental song , they pay occasionally for reasons of their own , in the song committed to support politicians or extolling national events .
Today , they block around Abdelaziz Bouteflika which they provide strong support in his candidacy for the next presidential election to seek a fourth term. Prince of Rai , Cheb Mami is always faithful to the appointment of such a circumstance. According to a credible source close to his entourage, Cheb Mami presently recording a song dedicated exclusively to the current president which he traces the patriotic commitment, sacrifices and achievements made ​​during his reign. The new single that will certainly please fans Bouteflika , will be available on the market in the coming days, according to the same source , which also indicates that several other singers also participate in the development of this song.
The names of singers who brought their touch to this artistic creation , have not been disclosed by our source. His conviction by a French court followed by his imprisonment in France in 2009 forced abortion on his ex-girlfriend attempted , greatly prejudiced his fame on the national and international scene. Today, Cheb Mami is trying to rebuild their virginity by drawing again "artistic career" somewhat tarnished by his imprisonment in France , which earned him a long absence from the music scene. The next presidential election and its impact on national life , gives him an unexpected opportunity to bounce scoring his preference for the incumbent President Bouteflika .
Cheb Mami look visibly mobilize voters in favor of Bouteflika by using the preferred means of what the song expression. This is his way to support the president and express his unwavering commitment . Along the way, Mami tries to improve its image and regain its former prestige . There are some days, the King of Rai Khaled is still talking to him after the publication of a video during the show 's guest by Patrick Simonin on TV5 Monde . According to him, every individual against Bouteflika 's candidacy is "a parasite that should be excluded " and that the stability of Algeria depends on the incumbent. The video was very misunderstood by the Algerians because of the fact that Khaled had linked the stability and security of Algeria to the availability of whiskey. King explained his commitment by provocative .
"Since he came to this gentleman ( Abdelaziz Bouteflika ) I am safe in my country. Since he came to this gentleman , my country has changed, my country has changed , "said Khaled recently . He justifies his commitment and support by Bouteflika "When I go home with a stranger I am proud to bring in a big hotel , I do not know if he needs a whiskey but I can take " . Further , Khaled converted doctor , advancing the state of health of the president . He felt that Bouteflika whole mind and his whole head. On the other hand , the electoral issue has always been the reactions of rappers. They are divided between pimps and boycotters . Endless war has recently initiated between Lotfi Double Kanon ( boycotting ) and Azou Hood kileur ( supporting Bouteflika ) with songs dedicated to his political career . Note that Khaled , Cheb Mami, Fella Ababsa live between France , Morocco and Lebanon and not just in Algeria during festivals with billions
Khaled et Mami chantent pour le président sortant, Le raï en poche
Khaled & Mami

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