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giovedì 20 marzo 2014

Letter from the former Algerian President Zeroual Liamine

Thursday ' , 17 April , 2014, the electorate has been called for the election to the presidency of the republic. Election through which the sovereign people will be sent the next president to act on his behalf, for a period of five years. The presidential election has always been a highlight in the life of the nation and an important event for the national future . This is a great honor for the pretender to the presidency , but also a heavy and delicate task , both moral and physical . A charge which, to be honorably assume , demands to be surrounded by a number of conditions that substantially those formally enacted by the Constitution, on the one hand , and those imposed ethics rules of the Protocol relating to the exercise by another function.
It is an important process against this election , and the objective conditions of transparency and freedom that should surround his conduct , which enjoys the social roots level of the state and to acquire the deserved respect in the comity of nations . That's why the support of citizens to participate in major national decisions provides a valuable source of legitimacy for the institutions of the republic and is therefore the most developed immunity may rely on Algeria to meet the challenges of the building and facing the threat of challenges it faces.
In my capacity as former president, I have so far not invest unnecessarily political obligation of discretion and refrained from interfering in the space institutional ethics Republican . However, this basic attitude that has never been prevented from being always sensitive to the pulse of Algerian society and observe carefully and adjust a particular interest in the evolution of the national news . Today, the occurrence of a series of events and statements , both multiple and unusual , especially on the eve of important elections , put me in a moral obligation to speak and share my feelings and fears with my Algerian nationals .
What is happening today on the national scene can not be ignored and the conscience of every citizen of Algerian jealous of his country and measured at fair value, the exorbitant cost of sacrifices to recover. It will also be remembered just yesterday and the same title , Algeria has again had to pay a heavy price for living in one of the most difficult stages of its modern history , is miraculously output through God and all the forces of the nation with courage and dignity mobilized his side. Today more than ever , the memory has to be an inexhaustible source should always inspire the Algerian people in their quest to build the national path of the future.
Under this duty of remembrance , and here again I want to pay tribute to all those living forces of the nation and greeting highly beneficial role played , in particular the responsibility of the National People's Army and Security Forces in the result of a severe national tragedy that lived in Algeria . Despite the fierce hostility that manifests itself in the place of Algeria in its fight against terrorism, the National People's Army and security services knew and could thwart all attempts to destabilize the country and managed to put the bet unexpected Algeria off the danger that threatened its very foundations .
Unfortunately, more recently, the military institution is exposed to view an unfortunate diatribe whose purpose is nothing but weaken once again the system of national defense and national security, and then open the door to many dangers lurking Algeria. But in this matter, the National People's Army is fully competent to deal with these risks, given the quality of the men who exercise and who have the capacity to fulfill their patriotic mission and to fulfill their duty exclusive service of the Nation.
The National People's Army , with all its components , is primarily in the service of their country. All officials , who had after national independence , to act on his behalf, are driven , above all other considerations , by the need to safeguard the cohesion of its ranks, according to the law and strengthen its operational capacity to protect the homeland . The internal cohesion of the Army National People's Congress and its gasoline remain popular among them , the true power factor.
National People's Army has contributed to consolidating stability and security, with the assistance of the security services and the decisive support of the patriotic forces . It remains committed to this vital struggle , because it is aware that it is the shield army able to oppose all attempts that seek to undermine Algeria, risen from the glorious Army of National Liberation , the sovereignty and ' the integrity of its territory .
In fact, what is happening on the national scene today , on the eve of important elections , deserves the attention of all actors of the national life and can not be avoided in favor of some approaches about the hidden agendas that do not necessarily serve the vital interests of Algeria. It ' important not to underestimate the current situation and think that the financial windfall can only overcome a structural crisis of confidence . Based Also , viewing statistics and balances amounting to address a national opinion without shedding of blood there is to convince his skepticism aggravated or likely to contain the excitement that the city now knows the national political scene . The effervescence citizen has no legitimate ambition to make its own contribution to the building of a new political order in fidelity to the spirit of the Declaration of 1 November 1954 and in accordance with the norms universally consecrated preserving our values ​​and specificity.
The revision of the Constitution of Algeria in 2008 , including the amendment of Article 74 on the limitation of presidential terms to two, profoundly altered the leap required by the alternation of power and deprives the process of national recovery conquer new achievements on the path of democracy . It 's very important to remember that the alternation of power aims to strengthen intergenerational solidarity , to strengthen national cohesion and to establish the structural basis for lasting stability . The alternation in power is also intended to strengthen democracy and the republic of credible institutions that are issuing more valuable. Finally, the alternation in power seeks to guarantee the best conditions for accession, no major clashes , a modern state.
The story of the great democracies of the world teaches us that a strong state is still consubstantial with equally strong against the powers . The same story also teaches us that the principle of transparency in the management of public affairs, in the management of the country's resources and the exercise of the freedom of the individual / collective is a powerful guarantee of good governance and fight effectively against all forms of abuse and corruption under the authority irrefutable rule of law and the proper administration of justice.
In this regard, it should be stressed to all those who still have doubts of the national genius that the Algerian people are able to distinguish the essential from the accessory and also offer complimentary knows his legendary patience , when s ' is put at the service of a great national cause. A cause that brings participatory support of the population is a cause and felt already acquired .
That's why the next presidential term must register in a great national purpose and provide a historic opportunity to work together with the favorable national consensus around a shared vision for the future of Algeria shared by the main actors of the national life and the vision that must necessarily crown , ultimately , the sovereign consent of all the Algerian people . This money will be the first serious step transition to a qualitative leap towards a renewal of Algeria, is more consistent with the legitimate aspirations of post- independence and in tune with the great changes that the world knows . It ' time to provide the Republic of Algeria has the right to demand its people and its enlightened elite .
In this context , and as such , it should be noted objectively that the vote is the most common ground that the city uses to express his choices constitutional means . It ' also a national duty to express their choice and to participate as well , through the elected representative in the process of development of national decision . This is the reason why the item was delivered on citizen should be a valuable asset to the democratic construction of the Algerian political system and be careful not to undermine the valuable meaning. This is the effect of the voice of the people expressed that builds the Algeria of tomorrow. If your Algerian citizen has the duty to express its voice in major national stations , it is up to the state to offer the best conditions of transparency and freedom so that this choice is strictly respected and taken into account. E ' in this way that is rooted trust and perpetuates the practice of democracy .
E ' in this spirit that we need to consider the constitution, national cohesion and unity of the armed forces of the republic are the pillars that are Algeria and common value that Algerians are obliged to preserve and defend whatever their level and the nature of the sacrifices to be made.
Regardless of what will be the outcome of the elections of 17 April , it will be especially remembered that the next presidential term is the term of office the last chance to enter to involve Algeria on the road to real transition . All objective indicators to begin a campaign under the seal of emergency calmly and peacefully , the great work of this beneficial for the achievement of which all must be involved Algerian national implementation . In fact , it should not be assumed that the magnitude of national purpose can be the will of man alone is providential force or of a single political party , if it prevails . The size of the national purpose is closely linked to the size of the people and in their ability to constantly struggle to conquer new democratic spaces . In this perspective , our country is undeniably rich potentialities and capabilities also allow him to go to these new achievements. Throughout its history , the Algerian people each time it is shown , with his unit , able to tackle the most difficult challenges .

Viva Algeria.
Lettera a algerino Zeroual

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