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lunedì 24 marzo 2014

Virtual Elections in Algeria!

Slimane MELAB
 Mrs. Louisa Hanoune I do not think that it is aware of everything that happens in Algeria or for fear of someone had simply launch of the charges to the unknown ? ? In fact, the mafia exists in Algeria since independence , was introduced in order to control all the recourses of the prima materia of Algeria. France , having no margins to continue to exploit these riches and having no choice having to resign to Algeria , he had to invent virtual independence in order to cheer the Algerian people of both sides meet the project of the French that went into the harbor. There remained only a very delicate and important , the choice of the members of the Algerian state ? The French had prepared a staging of the highest level and that endures to this day : They had several members of the military colonies such as Morocco and Tunisia , however, have preferred to those of Morocco that have almost the same dialectic of Algerians , and some have already prepared their military followers ( French ) as Ben Bella , the son of two immigrants ? Moroccans, (born in Maghnia ? ) ( ( Escaped ) ) by the French army to infiltrate the FLN as other fictional characters such as " Moudjahidines " partisans. In short , this very old secret lasts to this day . The majority of Algerians are convinced of the independence of the country but unfortunately it is only virtual. The mafia is the Algerian government itself , composed of foreign members who came up with the Algerian origin . In 1962, it was so easy for France to invent a birth certificate in Algeria to a certain Ben Bella, who in turn had the pleasure of bringing Morocco Abdelaziz Bouteflika of 27 years , to exercise as minister of the interior. This last made ​​the military under the colors of his majesty , and had never even played nell'ALN ( Algerian National Liberation Army ) . Despite everything , he could spend 30 years in the Algerian government .
Nowadays no one has the right or the courage to say or to report the facts as they really are . The silence has become the weapon of survival for many citizens . Freedom of expression there is a taboo , it exists only virtually. We must support the false in the country ( ( Muslims ) ) , false news worth gold if they serve as support to this government of criminals preparing bogus elections and plotters in favor of false supporters of the FLN . Lately they often see below and images in black and white Bouteflika as a partisan ? But if it was not even in Algeria ! Where and against whom he had fought ? ? The French were not so stupid to put the government partisan one man in power? ? E ' enough to watch where Bouteflika going to be cured ? In France or not ? ? Wake up and you will not believe these charlatans who have eaten your brain with the moral nationalism and the Koran to make you always fear. Most of the members of the state , has no Algerian origin, was all invented . The Algerian oil goes secretly in Morocco and many other countries. Every so often pretend to arrest someone at the Moroccan border of Algeria .... The evil is not in the people but in the rotten government . A president or a king? ? A fourth term or the eternal ? ? But how do you hide in front of the people, the more modernized in Africa and one of the most important in the world? The Algerian government has become a theater where every one plays his role with a view lucri . Bouteflika is like an ostrich who hides in the desert just putting your head in the sand and leaving the rest of his body off ..... Shame !

Slimane Melab

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