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mercoledì 26 marzo 2014

Presidential 2014: Mr. Belaid wants to make Algeria "Japan of Africa"

According Algeria,
The presidential candidate of the next April 17 Abdelaziz Belaïd promised Tuesday Ain Defla Algeria to the "Japan of Africa" ​​through an "ambitious " economic and social program based on the human element.
" I promise you , once elected, I would make sure to make Algeria Japan of Africa and that through the actual use of all human and natural wealth of the country ," said Mr. Belaid , President of El Moustakbal Front , during a public meeting on the third day of the election campaign.
It is for this, to engage in a wider debate about the statehood " democratic alternation " with the participation of all sections of society , he has said.
The head of the Front El Moustakbal said before a large audience to support him, he will work to " replace the system of sustainability and maintaining power through a democratic system and alternation ."
After emphasizing the important role of investing in the human element " capable of creating wealth" , he promised to assign responsibility in state institutions competent person , honest , qualified and having leadership qualities.
Mr. Belaid is also committed to open a general debate on the draft revision of the constitution with the participation of all sections of society to build a " modern and strong state ."
He also called for a general discussion on the National Education, including giving more importance to the teacher, expressing his support for the various strike actions in the sector and which aim , he says, to improve the level of education.
On the agricultural sector , he said he will work to develop and encourage investment in this area. Front El Moustakbal grants
particular interest to agriculture through expansion of land and farms and the development of the agro- food industry, he said.
On the part of the habitat , Belaid said that his electoral program attaches great importance to the " thorny " issue of housing , claiming the need to rehabilitate and revitalize the various modes and access to existing housing formulas.
He also called on citizens to vote massively on April 17 and support program , which " aims to change."
Présidentielle 2014 : M. Belaïd veut faire de l’Algérie le “Japon de l’Afrique”

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