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domenica 23 marzo 2014

Constantine, the birthplace of Enrico Macias, the fighting resumed in Ali-Mendjeli

The ' hatchet unearthed the ' neighborhood unit No. 14 in Ali - Mendjeli in the wilaya of Constantine . The premises of a resumption of hostilities were evident in recent days, especially after the fire of a Mercedes , March 19 at 02:00 and whose owner was visiting , to visit relatives .
Fire preceded and followed by clashes between youth of neighborhoods, throwing stones and burning premises . But on the night of Friday to Saturday, March 22 , residents have spent a sleepless night. Violent clashes flared up between the inhabitants of the former " slums " of Fedj Errih and Oued El Had , to the chagrin of the citizens who want to live in peace , quiet and tranquility . "The whole night was marred by violent clashes with knives, " said a resident who contacted us yesterday totally horrified .
Another witness said that the antagonists who were armed with long swords and Molotov cocktails spare anyone , "there's also one who threw a Molotov cocktail into an apartment where the fire started in business lines in the balcony and it was easily controlled by the mobilization of neighbors , "he says , adding that target the security services of other anti-riot vehicles Molotov cocktail , almost go up in smoke with the occupants in the inside.
Return the last two days of violent clashes between gangs Fedj Errih one side and those of Oued El Had another in a particular socio- political and non- affected local officials fear the worst and the people who frankly lost all hope of finding peace and serenity.
The atmosphere of terror imposed by the violence that still plague the ' UV # 14 has forced many families to leave the scene yesterday morning. "Fortunately, this coincides with the school holidays , so I can remove my children and their mother , until the return of calm, at least temporarily I hope , " says a resident of UV No. 14 . And the image of the precariousness of life , the neighborhood has brought many other fathers to follow the example and keep away from this cursed their neighborhood.
" The Molotov cocktail attacks , clashes bladed weapons including swords of a meter in length , and throwing stones in all directions , sparing neither persons nor private property ," the inhabitants of UV # 14 reconnection with the pace of violence that has marked a respite from the beginning of the year with a permanent occupation of the territory by the security services. But , feeling the grip of the security services loosened, perhaps because of their occupation addition , antagonists have taken the bull by the horns.
Along these lines, note that the police actions have resulted in total ( about five months) , 72 arrests among the ranks of the antagonists . To recap, several other people arrested last November were sentenced to long prison terms (between 7 and 2 years old ) , and is the same that women are among those sentenced to prison terms. This is to say that the " guerrilla " is no longer the exclusive preserve of the young, as there are among them women and people who have reached the age of 50 years.
"Of course , it all starts with the trivial facts , reminiscent of a boardwalk around the root causes for eight months disrupt the lives of people , young people who fight and that develops the conflict on a larger scale . " Basically, we have affirmed their part of police officers , the conflict has no political motivation , nor any inclination to cause unrest on a large scale . Recalling that the violence began on the first day of Eid El Adha and do not seem to diminish with time , as has happened in similar situations experienced by new transferred .
All actions "proximity" launched by the security services , as well as the diligence of the imams and other local elected officials , they could not identify the fires of fitna . " It 's just that fighting subsided at times, but showing the blue ," not without great concern to find people .
Abdelkrim Zerzouri
Retired ANP has issued an ultimatum
That's it! Retirees and employees of the ANP is to reconnect with the protest and issued an ultimatum to the ministry , giving him an extension until March 28 to respond positively to requests current , in particular as regards the application of Presidential Decree No. 10-15 of June 4 2010 and focuses on premium adjustments and salary increases retroactive to January 2008.
In a statement yesterday in our writing, threatening to hold a protest sit-in has opened across the country from 02 April. Education is still indicated , sanctions a conclave of retired army held yesterday at Khenchela on the initiative of the latter retired and attended by the Presidents 22 wilaya .
Other points raised concerning the settlement of specific award , payment of leave 1992-2002 and corresponding to the black decade , equivalent to five months' salary and unpaid housing priorities, etc. . Among the wilaya in question should be made in particular of Batna , Setif , Oum El Bouaghi , Annaba , Souk Ahras , Guelma , Skikda , Bordj Bou Arreridj , Mila , Bouira , Tizi Ouzou , Laghouat , etc. . According to the ' representative office Mila , Sadek Kia , the meeting that was overseen by the presiding officer retired Khenchela ANP , which is also the representative of the region is ' allowed to make a conclavists evaluation of their social situation , according to our interlocutor has not changed and have been for years.
" And this is not arbitrarily we launched this ultimatum , we feel victims of hogra unprecedented , because for years we ask the same questions and are only officials radio silence. If not already on the move, we plan to organize meetings open to all country from 02 April and will last until we respond positively to our demands , "said Mr. Kia yet .
Constantine, Les affrontements reprennent à Ali-Mendjeli

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